Diary of a Wimpy kid Hard Luck

Jeff Kenny


Have you ever read a book that is fun and cool then you should read this book. It is funny and for all ages from 6 or 7 and up. And all those people that haven't read it you will like this book.


Rowley gets a girlfriend and Gregory thought he would get a girlfriend before Rowley would and Rowley never spends time with Gregory. One time Rowley came over to Gregory's house and Rowley was on the phone with his girlfriend. Will Gregory ever get Rowley's girlfriend to get away from Rowley.

Text-to-Self Conection

This book reminded of my brother because he was so mean just like Gregory's brother Manny. Manny always being mean to Gregory.

RECOMEND THIS book to...

6 to 7 years older because they will better understand it than 5 to 1 years old