Kingdoms of Africa

By: Adriene Miller

The Kingdom of Ghana

The kingdom of Ghana was located on the upper Niger valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forest along the west African coast. The kings of Ghana were strong rulers who governed without any laws. The economy was mainly based off farmers and the trade of gold for other products. The kingdom eventually ended in the 1100s due to wars.

The Kingdom of Mali

The kingdom of Mali is located on the Atlantic coast, but extends into the city Timbuktu. They have a strong government. Mali is based off on its wealth and power from the salt and gold trade. Most people in Mali are farmers. The kingdom of Mali divided in 1359 due to the Civil war

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The Kingdom of Songhai

The kingdom of Songhai is located along the Niger River, south of the bend. They have a good government, there is a lot of different people take charge of certain things. There economy is based off of rich soil for raising crops and taking care of cattle. The kingdom began to decline after the reign of Muhammad Ture.