The Petrified Forest National Park

By: Charlie Dana

Located in Arizona, the Petrified Forest is a wonder to humans. It is also one of the most interesting, fascinating, and, exclusive national parks. Keep reading to find out why!

Area and Establishment

The Petrified Forest is huge! It is 45,085 miles squared! That is 28,854,400 acres! It would be a herculean task to hike that far. The Petrified Forest was founded in 1851 when Captain Lorenzo Sitgreaves documented finding petrified wood. Later, in 1962, the Congress established the Petrified Forest.

Photo: Mountain

Climate and Animals

The climate in the Petrified Forest differs. In the summertime’s daytime it is about 90 degrees and drops to about 60 degrees in the night. In the winter’s daytime it is about 45 degrees and drops to about 20 degrees in the night. The plants at the Petrified Forest are mostly wildflowers. Some examples are perennials and yuccas. The mammals that live there include coyotes, foxes, deer, raccoon, skunks, bats, prairie dogs, rats, and mice. Birds include ducks, geese, herons, vultures, hawks, eagles, doves, owls, and crows. The amphibians are toads and salamanders. In the Petrified Forest, there are a lot of animal.

Photo: Fox Hunting


The Petrified Forest is light pollution free. That means that there is no light like street lights or car lights. Since it is light pollution free, you can see all of the stars if it is not cloudy. The average rainfall is 0.63 inches. In Indiana, the average rainfall is 60 inches! And the last fact is the one that I think is the most important, why are the trees made of rock? The trees over time sank into the earth and were surrounded by sediment. That sediment was quartz. After this, I bet you came to realize that the Petrified Forest is a stunning place. Located in Arizona, the Petrified Forest is a wonder to humans.

Photo: Petrified Wood

Time For A Myth

The Three Brothers

A long time ago there was three brothers, Mark, James, and Peter. Their father, Patroclus, was the head of all the gods. Right before he died, he promised them each a power. The eldest brother, Peter, wanted his power to be being able to turn things to stone. The second brother, James, wanted his power to be being able to change size. The last and youngest brother, Mark, wanted his power to be being able to tame animals. After their father died, Peter thought he should be the new king. The other two disagreed. They thought that them three should share the power and glory of being king. Soon, the three brothers were at war. The fight was Mark and James against Peter. Peter was stronger than the other two so they deduced that they had to fight him with brains. So the next day the brothers swapped his horse with an old horse. Then, when they battled Peter and his horse, Peter’s horse wouldn’t go! Soon after, Mark and James easily took down Peter. Mark and James shared the power and formed a new kingdom called The Kingdom of the Faithful.