A D E N_Inc. New Product Release!!!

Aden Eshetu

About Our New Product

My company’s product is the NO SLIP & GOOD GRIP CONTAINER. This is a container made for ALL foods. I came up with this because when I was growing up as a child, my mom would always complain about how she was always using too many containers that were and that she needed more but she had no more space to place them.
The NO SLIP & GOOD GRIP CONTAINER has a feature that makes it different than all the rest of the containers. It comes with an anti slip bottom that has a grip for the plate/tray that the food is on . It also has four pieces of metal that you flip up once the food is placed in the container that stops the plate from sliding if tilted.

Our Location

A D E N_Inc. is only located in Hoboken, NJ but we are in the process of spreading to more locations.


The criteria for this product is that the diameter is 14 in. (1 foot and 2 in.) and that the circumference has to be 43.98 - no greater or no less. This will only, however, be a restriction until we expand our company even more.


My assumption is that this product will go big and that it will be mainly bought by cooks/bakers. I think this because this is an item you use in the kitchen and it holds cakes and other foods making sure nothing happens to them and that this would appeal more to cooks/bakers then a normal person/a non-cook or non-baker.


One constraint this product has right now is that the company is not making containers of varied sizes so that could hold us back from going big , but we also don't want to overuse our money without seeing some consumer's input.

Cost Estimate

The cost estimate for this product is 500,000. That may sound little but my company is trying to see the consumer's input before we put a lot of containers out there. Each container will be sold for the price of $9.99.