The Potter Packet

Happenings in Room 231!

Reader's Workshop- We started the week discussing our realistic fiction anchor text The Musical Day. Throughout the week we were busy focusing on sequence of events, discussing what happens first, next, then, and last. We also started reading Tacky the Penguin books and discussing parts of the story. The students came up with their own setting, characters, and problem to mimic the Tacky books.

Writer's Workshop- We read The Giving Tree and wrote about something we would want to give to someone during the season of giving.

Language Arts- Students learned how statements tell something and have a naming part (subject) and an action part (predicate). They were also introduced to categorizing words by thinking about their definition.

Math- We have started chapter 4 which is subtraction strategies. Students learned how to count back and how they can use addition to help solve subtraction problems. We also worked hard on solving word problems.

Science/Social Studies- We started to discuss globes and world maps and how the difference between the two. We also discussed what we know about penguins and what we want to learn over the next couple of weeks!

In Other News...

  • Our class has started a Twitter page! Follow us @potterpals231!
  • Mrs. Miller will be in to start our second round of Technology lesson! How exciting!
  • The next Reader's Chair readers are Mia and Preston. Hayden and Ishaan will bring in projects!
  • We will be participating in the Hour of Code on Wednesday, December 9th. The students will work with Mrs. Miller to practice coding skills.


Please remember to send in your child's library book every Monday!

Please remember to send in a healthy snack everyday!

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