Gamblers who like to play domino qq are increasing now, the proof is for now more and more trusted sites or agents that provide this domino qq gambling game. domino qq is very young to play and easy to understand because this game actually comes from our own country, namely Indonesia. Before it can be played online to play online QQ dominoes, most of the judges gather somewhere and play together, but this is very risky considering that our country considers gambling unlawful and should not be played openly or openly. Now domino QQ gambling can be played online through a PC or laptop that we have even through gadgets, now we can access this domino QQ game, so it's no wonder that the domino QQ gambling game lovers are increasing because of access and to play it now is very easy.

To be able to play Domino 99 online, we just need to choose a good trusted agent and register and become a member and then we deposit with real money and start betting or betting and playing. Basically playing Domino 99 is not difficult, but there are still other players or gamblers who haven't really understood Domino 99 gambling game. therefore I will discuss how to play from this QQ domino.

To play this domino, QQ uses the judo tool in the form of dominoes, which are usually sold in supermarkets or ordinary photocopies. In Domino 99 online gambling this game can be played up to a maximum of 6 people who come into play. Each player will get 4 cards dealt randomly, and the winner will be determined from the highest card value obtained from the 4 cards dealt. Examples of domino images are below.

We can see that this card has 2 parts, namely the top and bottom, then if we see a red circle drawn, this circle usually shows the number of each part, like the example above for the leftmost card at the top of 6 circles and below there are 2 round, then for the next card there is 1 big circle at the top and bottom is empty, then the third at the top there are 2 circles and at the bottom there are 3 circles, then the fourth there is 1 large circle at the top and 3 circles at the top under.


Guide to playing online QQ dominoes.

• At the start of the first round of play usually players will get 3 cards when all players agree to proceed to the next round by placing a bet then we will leave for the second round

• In this second round, each player will be given 1 more card to pair with the next card so that we can find out the number of points we have. And usually here will be determined who will be the winner.

• Henceforth we will see if our card is 2 digits, then only the back digits will be seen, for example in the first card set we get the number 9 and number 5 then the value seen is number 5.

• If in the first card set we get the same number then what will be seen next is the second card set to determine the value of our card.

The 4 points above are our guide to playing QQ dominoes, we must have a lot of experience and often play if you want to have expertise in QQ dominoes. the most important thing is we have to be able to relax, relax and not rush into playing any kind of gambling.