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We have kicked off our Book Fairs!

We are now into October and that means Book Fairs! We have finished our Hickory Creek Book Fair. This week we will be holding the Grand Prairie Book Fair. And to finish off we have the Chelsea Book Fair the last week of the month. Each school has a great Family Night planned so please come on out and enjoy!

Don't forget we have the Manna Gift Card Program kicking off this week too!

What's Going On?

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Treasures Ahead! Book Fairs Are Happening!

Fall Book Fairs are in October at each school. We will host 4 or 4 & 1/2 days of sales during the school day as well as an evening family night event. You can shop online as well as at the school fair.

Hickory Creek Book Fair is over but you can shop on-line until October 21st.


Grand Prairie Book Fair will be October 17th - 21st.


Family Night: Tuesday, October 18th, 5:30pm - 8pm

Chelsea Book Fair will be October 25th - 28th.


Family Night: Wednesday, October 26th, 5:30pm - 8pm

Volunteers will be needed. To signup and help out please see the signup genius links below under Volunteer Opportunities.

Manna Gift Card Sale Is Back

FSP will once again be selling gift cards. You will be allowed to choose from all the gift cards that Manna offers to us. We will again get a percentage of the price based on the businesses you purchase. Money (cash or check only) will be due with the order and gift cards will be handed out during Parent Teacher Conferences.

Remember you don't have to give the gift card as a gift you could use it yourself. Use it for dinner, use it for shopping, use it for a day out on your own, or use it for your holiday preparations. You get exactly what you pay for and that's why we love this program.

Manna Gift Card Sale Starts - October 19th

Manna Gift Card Sale Ends - November 4th

Manna Gift Card Distribution - November 21st & 22nd

Dine and Donate

Dine and Donate is a fundraiser where we coordinate a date with a local business and then publicize it to all of our 157c families. The families then go in and get dinner, desserts, snacks, etc on that day. A percent of the sales for that day or days will go to the FSP. So, since we know everyone eats, and we picked great places, we think it will be a great success.

Finishing off October we will be having an event with Meatheads on October 26th, & 27th.

Looking ahead we will have Dine and Donate events as follows:

November - Chili's

December - Panera

January - Chipotle

We will continue to send out flyers for each event and place them on the virtual backpack as well. Thank You for your support.

Hot Lunch and Smoothie Sales

We will be kicking off Smoothie Day on October 28th for Chelsea. We will not have day of sales for smoothies at Chelsea so if you didn't order before September 15th, you will have to wait until next time.

Please remember to check your Rev-Trak receipts. Many students had the wrong school lunch or smoothie purchased. This seemed to be the largest issue we had. We also had some students who purchased after the deadline and thought they had bought all.

All hot lunch sales will be done through the 157c website on RevTrak. No paper forms will be used this year. The Rev-Trak site will allow credit card or check payments.

NOVEMBER hot lunch and smoothie sales are now closed.

You can still buy future lunches on-line as long as you purchase them by the 15th of the month before. For example any November hot lunch or smoothie needs to be purchased by October 15th.

You can find the entire hot lunch and smoothie schedule with the menus and booster that is sponsoring that lunch on the 157c website.

FALL FAMILY FUN NIGHT - An Evening of Fun and Games

Thursday, November 17th

5:30pm - 8pm.

Come out and have a great time. There will be lots of games for everyone to play.

Some games include:

45 minute Game Show for families to participate in

Giant Inflatable Foosball


Fun Fair Games

This FSP event is for all 157c families.

It will be hosted at Chelsea Intermediate School at 80th Ave and Laraway.

We need volunteers to work a shift to help make this event run smoothly. High School students are welcome to sign up as well as parents. Please see the signup genius link below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer badge pictures were taken on Picture Day. If you missed this date please call the school office and see if they have someone available to take your picture the next time you are coming in. Having a badge makes it easier to get checked in and the school doesn't have to print the paper badge each time.

Book Fair SignUp Genius Links

Below are the links to volunteer to help with the book fair at the listed schools. When you click on the links you will see the dates and times available. If you have any questions please contact the chairperson listed on the signup genius page.

Grand Prairie


Fall Family Fun Night

Please consider helping out at Family Fun Night. We don't ask anyone to work an entire night so that you can also enjoy the evening with your family. You are not responsible to bring anything or plan anything. You are signing up to coordinate/control an activity that the committee has already planned. Here is the link to sign up.


Hickory Creek uses parent volunteers to take care of the much needed copying at school. If you are interested in helping out please go to the signup genius link below to see the days and times needed.

Hot Lunch Distribution SIGNUP GENIUS LINKS

FSP sells Hot Lunches and Smoothies in order to raise funds during the year. We need volunteers to help us distribute the lunches/smoothies to the students. The links below are to the SignUp Genius pages for each FSP Hot Lunch or Smoothie Day.

Next FSP Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 1st, 9:30am

10480 Nebraska Street

Frankfort, IL

Everyone is welcome to come to the FSP meeting. This is where we discuss upcoming events and hot topics. The FSP Board is always present as well as the 157c Superintendent, Grand Prairie Principal, Chelsea Principal, and Hickory Creek Principal.

Your input is encouraged. We hold two meetings a year in the evening to allow working parents to join in.

School Calendars

Since changes may be made to the calendars, please remember to update you iCal file periodically.

About 157-c Family School Partnership (FSP)

We are the 157c Parent Teacher Organization. We are non-profit. We provide free family events as well as parent support, teacher appreciation, assembly funds, and curriculum enrichment. All parents with students in 157c are encouraged to help us. We can only do as much as we can with the volunteers that help. If you prefer not to support our fundraisers you can always support us by donating to our un-fundraiser. You can do this via Rev-Trak under FSP.

FSP meets monthly on the first Tuesday.

October 17, 2016 E-Blast