red oak, red ceder, magnolia by daniel and beau

texas red oak - basic info

growth rate - 3 -4 feet per year region - central texas life span - 20 years leaves - flat, green/ red flowers - blue berries reproduction methode - grows male and female flowers and pollinates.
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red cedar - basic info

growth rate - 12 - 24 inch per year      climate - extreem climate      region - upland, marshes        life span - 150 years       leaves - thin berrys like green leaves with red twigs          flowers - small berries       reproduction - flowers are pollinated and drop off the tree

mognolia - basic info

growth rate - 20 inches per year     climate - warm, semitropical climate    leaves - dark green waxy    life span - 80 - 120 years     flowers - yes    produces root and stump sprouts

red oak - human roll

has to have a lot of sun, needs to be very warm, needs little water, adaptable to any soil.

red cedar - human roll

needs little light or water, adaptable to soil

mognolia - human roll

prefer fertile soil, lots of water, dont like heavy winds

red oak - ecosystem

dependent organisms - fungas, insects    limiting factors - water    parisites - fungus    abiotic factors - needs water sun soil.    effects on tms - will atcract fungus

red cedar - ecosystem

dependent species - phesants, song birds    limiting factors - slow growth    parasites - phesants    abiotic factors - water, sun, birds     effects on tms - will atract song birds

mognolia - ecosystem

limiting factors - slow growth    parasites - algae    abiotic factors - water, soil    effects on tms - will atract birds and other animals