Texas Oil Boom

by Cassie Dearman, Madison Echols, and Sydney Ruthesell


Oil was first discovered by Native Americans when they found a strange black substance seeping out of the Earth. They used it for things such as waterproofing canoes but other than that it remained untouched until later. On January 10th, 1901 Texas was changed forever. Anthony F. Lucas struck oil at Spindletop. He had originally began drilling near Beaumont, Texas in 1900 and it wasn't until then that he had actually found oil.

The news spread around the world. New people and industries appeared almost overnight. After the breakthrough with oil, many boomtowns appeared, and people started drilling in places that were not known to have oil. A boomtown is when a town experiences a major increase in population because of rapid economic growth. One of the people who was drilling was named Columbus "Dad" Joiner. He found oil in East Texas in 1930.

Then it was time for it to come to an end. The rapid growth in oil production had reduced from $1.10 per barrel to 10 cents a barrel in only a couple months. There weren't all of these people drilling for oil, trying to strike gold before the others did. Although we had to discover other industries so we didn't depend on only oil, but oil is still the key to the economy.