Lincoln Lion's Local Buzz

December 21, 2018

We Made it!!!!

It was touch and go for a little bit and we have to get a new part for our broken PA system, but as my grandmother would say, "We have lived to tell the tale!"

Thank you to all that you have done to help keep some kind of calm, but still bring the excitement of the season into your classrooms. I appreciate the quality lessons and focus you maintained so we don't let our foot up off the gas for our students achievement. I'm looking forward to our benchmark scores. I know we will see growth in many areas.

I hope each of you have a wonderful break. Visit with family and friends, enjoy a good book--that has nothing to do with education--, sleep late, and catch a good movie. We all need to recharge and rejuvenate and this two week break will be a great way to do that. I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Thank You to Mrs. Sanders

Widely known fact, I cannot do this job alone. Being a one woman show is basically impossible in this job and I am so grateful to the support of Barbara while Leigh Anne was out. She truly helped keep us as much in the "normal" range as possible with our procedures and support for teachers. She kept us laughing in the office and made numerous phone calls to parents, doctors, and case managers. She rode the buss Thank you also to all of you for your kind words and support as we worked to make this month a great one!

PLCs when we return

The Tuesday we return will be a focus on curriculum. Second and Third grade will be working with Shasta (email to them to follow), but all other grades should be prepared to work with curriculum and plan during our time together. Shasta will be with us that day for support.

Zones and Expectation Reboot

We will be revisiting our Zones work in January. Please email Marsha, Kristen. or Henry for times that work for you in January for them to come in and revisit the zones, the use of the lion's den, and other key elements of emotion regulation. In addition, the leadership team will be putting new lessons in our team drive for you to use with your class to revisit our four expectations. These lessons will be in the team drive on Monday, January 7th. The expectation is for all teachers teach the lessons that are in the folder before the end of the month. The leadership team felt that this would provide each class a clear set of lessons to reinforce our expectations. More direction will be coming when we return, but please have this on your radar.


Thank you to everyone who helped with the snowman contest. I had hoped to attach pictures of the snowmen to the newsletter, but all this rain is making the communication between my phone and the computer VERY slow. So when they come in, I'll send them all your way. The kids enjoyed it and I hope you all did too. A great new Lincoln tradition has been born I believe!

Lincoln Lions are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe......While on BREAK!!!

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