What's Happening in PBS?

Week of 1/19-1/22


Welcome to a short week of school!

When we return tomorrrow, we will be continuing our work with the central dogma of biology. On Friday, we did notes together over transcription and now we will be starting notes over translation. On Wednesday, we will be doing a few interactives and filling in a concept map over the central dogma. Thursday and Friday we will be working as a class on the genetic code assignment. Lots of paperwork this week, but it's over some very important concepts that show up a lot on the EOC and they will have to know it for their biology EOC as well.

As for HOSA this week

  • We will be starting a fundraiser this week where the kids can pre-pay for hot beverages by getting a card for $10. Once the buyer gets their 10 drinks, they get one for free. All kids going to state are required to sell 10 cards to their peers but if your child would like to sell 10 cards as well, they can earn 10 PD points. They need to attend an informational meeting Tuesday in my room during collab for more info.
  • Tuesday the kids can wear scrubs for 5 PD points
  • Wednesday we will have a neurologist guest speaker during collab, in my room. 10 PD points for attendance.
  • Saturday is harvesters volunteering from 2-4pm. 10 PD points for attendance. Sign up link is on the HOSA calendar. We need to take 20 volunteers.

Don't forget, the HOSA website is up and running. Check it out to know what is going on:



Rachell Weiss