News from Empower!

Mrs. Taylor's Update November 3rd

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​This month I am on a mission to share more about Empower with families! I would love to have you login to Schoology to access your child’s current module, pictures, videos, etc. from class! Please reach out to Mrs. Taylor if you need help setting up your parent account.

Each month a paper copy of the Monthly Maker Challenges come home in backpacks! Please submit a picture, video or bring in your creation to class! You can do this directly in Schoology by clicking on the assignment called "Maker Challenge Creation"!! You can launch your challenge to your class and school!

Monthly challenges are a way to EMPOWER the whole family to get involved and be creative! Pick one, three in a row or do them all! HAVE FUN!

Each month you can explore all about our monthly Empower Hero! The Empower Hero is someone that inspires, empowers, or encourages others to change the world! They all have one thing in common... their accomplishments changed history and the way we live today!

Parents & Students: You can click on all of the pictures and visuals to learn more about our monthly Empower Hero!

Kindergarten and First Grade's latest Module!

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Engineering in progress!!

Check out some of the prototypes from our youngest Engineers!! They are FABULOUS! Our kindergarteners from Mrs. Friedrich's class wanted to Launch their creations to other kids... so, we found a way!! We have a wonderful Bell Graham Community that has volunteered to host marble runs in their classrooms, test them out and give the young engineers some feedback!! You'll see a feedback form below and some of our creations, as well!! Thank you to everyone that donated materials to our class!!

Second and Third Grade's latest module!

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News from 2nd and 3rd Grade

Students have learned how to play LOTS of games during Empower!! (Maybe great ideas for holiday shopping) We are learning a lot about team work, problem solving, communication, and more.
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Fourth and Fifth Grade's Latest Modules!

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Light it Up News

We have been EXPLORING with Snap Circuits, Little Bits, Squishy Circuits, Paper Circuits (light up cards), and Makey Makey. Please ask your 4th or 5th grader about this!! During class the students have autonomy of their own learning and can choose their material to explore. We are starting to talk about final projects as well.

MAKERS!! MAKERS!! Calling all Makers!!

We have some amazing Makers among us! We spotlight them in class when they submit a picture, video, or bring in a maker challenge! I love to hear all about their creations and design process! We will start submitting Maker challenges online on Schoology and launch them to our classes in November!!


Please continue to collect and send in the following materials

  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper towel rolls
  • wrapping paper rolls
  • OLD used board games (even if they are missing pieces!!)