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Newsletter Vol 19 Term: 3 Week 3 - 4 August 2017

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Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of the Magdalene Community,


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On Sunday I was fortunate to attend the 53rd Annual Catholic Club Mass at St. Thomas More Parish Church, Ruse and then a lunch celebration at the Campbelltown Catholic Club itself.

At the Mass, representatives from each Catholic primary and secondary school were present and paraded into the Mass with their school candle. Students then participated in key parts of the Liturgy of the Word. I would like to thank Bailey Whitley and Kaitlyn Paroz (pictured) for representing the School and giving up their time so generously - only a day before the commencement of their trial examinations.


During the Catholic Club luncheon, it was great to see that Luisa Barillaro was officially named as the Magdalene Teacher Scholarship recipient for 2017. The Campbelltown Catholic Club, in cooperation with Catholic Education Wollongong, have made a commitment to support first year university students who pursue a future career in education. By doing so, they are recognising the importance of having quality graduates teaching in Catholic schools. Although Luisa was unable to attend the ceremony, the significance of this award needs to be celebrated and she will receive $2000. Congratulations Luisa.


Following the generous support of the P & F last term to fund the installation of 21 Air Conditioners across A to D Blocks, I would like to thank the P & F for their support of a future installation of an electronic sign at the front of the School. I encourage you to read the P & F Report contained in this newsletter, and wherever possible to get involved in the P & F.

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Woolworths Earn and Learn

You may be wondering and the answer is yes Magdalene IS involved in Woolworths Earn and Learn in 2017.

When you shop at Woolies - you can now receive one point for every $10 you spend.

Collect Earn & Learn sticker points from the checkout operator, place your stickers on an Earn & Learn sticker sheet and then place your sheet into the box located in the School office foyer.

Get involved – there are potentially great rewards for Magdalene that can be passed on to students.

Taken from a wall hanging in Mother Teresa’s Convent in Calcutta:

A little more praising, a little less jeering,

A little more trusting, a little less fearing,

A little more patience in trouble and pain,

A little less willing at times to complain,

A little more kindness worked into strife –

Are all that is needed to glorify life.

A little more honour, a little less greed,

A little more service; a little less creed,

A little more courage when pathways are rough,

A little more action, a little less bluff,

A little more kindness by you and by me,

And oh; what a wonderful world this would be!

God Bless

Mr Matthew McMahon


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Magdalene Feast Day

Magdalene Parents and Friends News Week 1

Welcome back to Term 3, hoping all of our families enjoyed a restful winter break.

Our students have returned to newly air conditioned classrooms throughout areas of the school. Early reports are that the reverse cycle heating function is very efficient and looks to be cost effective compared to the older heating units that they have replaced. Many thanks to all our families for patiently waiting for the timing to be right to make this significant ongoing financial commitment.

We have just celebrated our Patron, St Mary Magdalene's Feast Day at school with a beautiful celebration of Mass, followed by our traditional fundraising Feast Day activities. The P & F Barbeque was a runaway success with some of our customers returning up to four times!! You cannot underestimate the appeal of a sausage on a piece of bread, resplendent with a choice of condiments to chase away the winter blues! As always, it was a showcase of the good natured generosity and enthusiasm of our staff and students, as we witnessed much ' paying it forward' on the day. A huge thankyou to our volunteer bbq heroes, including the irrepressible Racheal Miller, the family Cornett and the countless fantastic Magdalene staff for whom nothing is too much trouble.

Agenda items and requests for sponsorship are welcome through our email address


The P&F meeting was held on Tuesday 1 August. Many thanks to the small group of parents that braved the chilly conditions and donated their time to support the school and students.

Once again, the P&F was on fire, approving funding for the installation of a new electronic school sign, donated funds to support a primary school breakfast club, and sorting out that nasty damp problem by purchasing a dehumidifier for the clothing pool.

Well done to Luke Small (Year 7S) who has qualified to participate in the National School Cross Country Championships in Tasmania. The P&F was more than happy to support his participation with providing assistance towards a sponsorship grant. On that note, if you're a bit of a star, or a supreme leader, or excel in some other field, and need some financial support to participate in State or National events and programs, we'd love to hear from you. Sponsoring outstanding student achievement is definitely one of the best ways the P&F can support our students.

Once again, Mr McMahon provided a comprehensive report on building projects, staffing arrangements, outstanding student achievements, and special events. A copy of the report can be found attached to the minutes of the meeting.

At this point, we can hear you all crying...where would I find these minutes. Well, it's a good thing you asked. Check out the school website, go to the P&F tab, and you'll find them all listed there. But wait until next week, because we haven't posted them yet. Sorry to disappoint.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 24 October in Term 4. This is our Annual General Meeting,
and we elect the new P&F Executive for 2018. There are three roles up for grabs - President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Now if you're at home thinking...someone else will probably put their hand up...then you're probably thinking the same thing as everyone else. So why not come along, it's a great opportunity to support the school and your child.

If you have any questions about the P&F, please drop us an email at

Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.


David Cornett

(On behalf of the P&F Committee)


You are invited to come along to Magdalene Classics on Saturday, August 19 at Mater Dei Chapel, Macquarie Grove Road, Kirkham. Come and hear our students perform popular songs by artists such as John Legend, Ed Sheeran and Delta Goodrem. In addition songs from Les Miserables, Dream Girls, and classics such as At Last and Feeling Good, all accompanied by a string orchestra. Tickets on sale at the door, Adults $15, Children/Pensioners $8:00, family $20. Starts at 2pm.

Sport News

Congratulations Tyrone!

After a solid week of baseball Tyrone (TJ) Fergie capped it off at the awards ceremony winning the Darren Oliver MVP award at the 2017 Dusty Baker International Baseball Academy in California for the 2nd year running. He has made many new friendships and gained valuable experience as well as getting high praise for his dedication and skill from his peers and coaching staff. Great job Tyrone.


On Friday 21st July 2017, Luke Small attended the NSW All Schools Cross Country within the Multi-athletes division.

Luke came first and now has the opportunity to attend the Australian All Schools Cross Country Championships in Tasmania from Friday the 11th August 2017 to Monday the 14th August 2017.

We wish Luke all the best.

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A large amount of clothing items (both school uniforms and other casual wear) has accumulated. Please ask your children to check the lost property baskets located just outside of the Administration Office.


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Canteen Duty

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