Coppell's Top Ten List of 2012-2013

By: Kiley Wecker

1. Jacob Logan's Passing

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, Jacob Logan went missing when cliff diving into Possum Kingdom Lake and never resurfacing. Logan was on a lake trip with a couple of his friends that weekend when the tragedy occurred. He was a beloved friend, son, and leader that had a tragic ending.

It took countless hours and multiple dive teams to recover Logan’s body. The search went on for more than four days, but was finally found on Thursday, October 18, at 9:21 p.m. The Sunday night he went missing, many students gathered around Coppell’s Buddy Echols Field for a prayer vigil.

The 5-foot-10, 175-pound receiver was a football star at his high school in Coppell, Texas. He was a natural born leader for many, and was an all-around superb athlete. The community will continue to mourn the loss of Jacob, but will find peace in knowing he is always there in spirit.

Jacob Hybrid Logan Tribute Video #21 Forever

2. Jonah Blackwell's Passing

Jonah Blackwell, a CHS senior was found dead at McInnish Park in Carrollton, Texas, just outside of Coppell. Police found his body shortly before 4 p.m., on Oct. 16, 2012. Blackwell’s tragic death was a hard hit on the Coppell community, considering they lost Jacob Logan, a football star, just days earlier.

When investigating Jonah’s death, the victim’s friends said he had sent tweets and emails indicating he was going to take his own life. The final ruling of his death was an apparent suicide. A handgun was also found at the scene in the park.

Blackwell was a very inspiring student to all of his peers. He was a member of the Coppell Silver Spurs and was also a cross-country star. His death shocked the Coppell community, making students grow closer to one another for comfort. Coppell continues to stay strong throughout his tragic death, determined to remember their beloved friend, Jonah.

3. Coppell Varsity Volleyball Wins State to Become 5A Champions

The Coppell Cowgirls varsity volleyball team claimed the 5A state championship for the second year in a row. Coppell played New Braunfels in a tough match that went into five game sets. Although the Braunfels put up a fight, Coppell proved to be a strong competitor.

On November 17, 2012, Coppell won their final match in the volleyball state playoffs. With the final scores of 25-14, 25-17, 23-25, 22-25, and 15-10, Coppell took their second state win home. Coppell senior and outside hitter Erica Bohannon was named the championships MVP for her incredible performance.

With Coppell’s final rank of 49-3, they were easily the best team in the state. With multiple blocks, digs and aces, Coppell made their community and school proud. Although the win did not come easy, their hard work paid off.

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4. Coppell vs. Allen Football Game

On Sept. 28, 2012, Coppell prepared for a tough football match against one of their rivals, Allen. The game was in favor of Allen, but Coppell pushed through and shocked everyone. At Coppell’s very own football stadium, the final score of the game was 24-27, with Coppell taking home the win.

The most anticipated game of the year came down to the underdog grabbing the gold. Coppell persevered through the game, showing Allen that they meant business. They did not back down through the countless times they could have, they only came back stronger. In overtime, quarterback Colby Mahon threw a 23-yard touchdown pass to Cameron Smith to win Coppell the victory. The final score was very close, but Coppell proved to be the better team in one of the harshest games.

Although a lot of hard work was put into preparing the team for the game, Coppell’s student section was fired up as well. They were screaming, throwing powder, and yelling chants the whole game so the team would stay pumped. The students made it clear they were not going home without a win, and they didn’t.
Coppell Cowboys Student Section- I Believe

5. Boys Varsity Soccer Wins State Championship

On April 20, 2013, in Georgetown, Texas, the Coppell Cowboys varsity soccer team took home the first state win since 2004. The game ended with a 3-2 win against Brownsville Hanna in the 5A championship at Birkelbach Field.The boys persevered through the game, making the match go into overtime, and ending with a successful win.

Junior Chris Madden was a major component for the teams victory. Madden scored two goals in the last minutes of the game, leading the team to a state title. He was determined not to let the game go into penalty kicks, so he stepped up and made a 20-yard free kick with 3:32 left in overtime, and then made another 20-yard kick with only 56 seconds left.

Although Hanna put up a tough fight, Coppell proved to be the stronger team in the end. With hard work and a well knit team, they came out on top, happier than ever. The boys have made the Coppell community proud.

Coppell State Championship POST GAME

6. Shattered Dreams

Every two years, Coppell High School puts on a program called “Shattered Dreams” to show juniors and seniors the dangers of drinking and driving. The high school brings in police, EMS responders, crashed cars, hospital treatments, and even goes as far as writing obituaries. A few selected students get to participate in making the mock accident scene come to life.

Each time Coppell puts Shattered Dreams on, there is always a different story with different kids. The junior and senior classes get to watch the fake accident unfold with the help of some of their peers. The story is very emotional and tragic, and often brings many students to tears.

Students are pulled from classes in the middle of the day to receive makeup and make it seem like they are actually hurt or dead from an alcohol related accident. Coppell’s media program even makes a film about the story of the accident. On March 28, 2013, the Shattered Dreams program was in full gear with high emotions and a load of tragedy.

7. Coppell vs. Flower Mound Football Game

Playing the first game since the losses of beloved football star Jacob Logan and outstanding student Jonah Blackwell, Coppell prepared to have an emotional yet successful game. On Oct. 19, 2012, Coppell played against Flower Mound and pulled out a hard but deserved win. Although it wasn’t easy walking out onto the field fired up without Jacob and Jonah, Coppell still played a great game.

With a final score of 27-18, Coppell’s tough night came to a close. Students bonded through the game by wearing shirts made for Jacob and Jonah, and screaming chants in honor of them. When looking into the Coppell section, all you could see was a sea of blue from the “The Hybrid, The Legend, The Guardian Angel” Jacob Logan T-shirts. It was very inspiring yet heartbreaking to see the students in sorrow but still ready to support the team.

It is no easy feat to overcome the loss of a loved one, especially when you are very young. Coppell’s incredible performance after their loss was very impressive and heartwarming. Although it is hard to heal, this win was a step in the right direction for Coppell.
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8. Prom

Every seniors dream is a perfect night at prom. Luckily for Coppell’s upperclassmen, the 2013 annual prom was an incredible night. On April 13, 2013, the “fire and ice” themed dance was a big hit among students.

Located at the Dallas Market Center, the special prom for seniors and their dates was a massive success. With poker tables, fondue, and an array of desserts and food, the students were sure to have a great time. Although the dance itself is a spectacular event, the prom proposals added even more excitement.

With all the little details that added up to make prom so memorable, Coppell put on an incredible dance for every senior to remember. The dresses, dinners, flowers and slow dances made the night eventful and worth wild.

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9. Homecoming

One of the most exciting events of the year for the full student body of Coppell is homecoming. Although prom is the ultimate dance, only seniors and their dates are allowed to attend. But, homecoming is open to all and is looked forward to every year.

On Sept. 21, 2012, Coppell held their annual homecoming. It was a very exciting dance with a hip DJ, chocolate fountain, desserts, and a lot of dancing. Held at the Dallas Market Center, the dance was a huge success and a ton of fun to attend. Every year, there is a different theme, but this year proved to be one of the most memorable. The mardi gras themed dance added even more fun to the night.

Not only was the preparation and the dance something to look forward to, but the whole week leading up to homecoming was filled with dress up days, anxiety, mums and excitement. As students went shopping and wore their extravagant mums and garters, everyone knew the dance was sure to be a good time, and it definitely was.
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10. Girls Varsity Golf Makes it to State for the First Time in History

After winning their first regional title, Coppell’s very own girls varsity golf team advanced to state for the first time in history. On April 29-30, seven girls traveled down to Austin to compete in the 5A championship. Although it was a tough ride, the girls made Coppell proud.

Through the countless hours of practicing and working of their game, the girls showed up ready to beat the competition. They played as hard as they could, but ended up taking fourth place. Even though it wasn’t a victory for Coppell, they still won in their hearts.

Coppell’s golf program has excelled throughout the years, and that shows through this huge accomplishment. The girls team has shown much improvement, and is still standing strong. Next year, the girls plan to go to state once again, and win it.