Anthem School Updates

October 30, 2019

Friday, November 1 is early release - 2:00 dismissal

Important DVUSD Election

Mail ballot by Oct. 30


Drop at District office by Nov. 5

Congratulations Boys Volleyball

The Anthem School boys volleyball team won the championship. Coach Joaquin led the boys through an undefeated season. Great job!


Thank you to the PTSA, parents, and staff that participated in the Trunk or Treat and Family Movie Night! It was a huge success and a great time. We had some amazing trunks that children enjoyed "Trunk or Treating" at. We hope this event can grow next year and have even more trunks participating.

Friday Early Release

Friday, November 1 is an Early Release day. Anthem Staff values their time to work collaboratively during this dedicated time. Thank you for your continued support. This week teacher teams comprised of general education teachers, special education teachers, gifted teacher, reading specialist and administration will work together through the PLC cyclical process.

Quarter 1 Teachers of the Month

Quarter 1 Staff of the Month

Thank you to our business partners for sponsoring our employee recognition program. We value your partnership and your contributions!

  • Nanette McClelland Miller, State Farm Insurance - Teacher of the Month Sponsor
  • Terry Blair, Edward Jones, Financial Planner - Staff of the Month Sponsor
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Hello Parents,

Welcome to quarter two of All Things E.Q. In quarter two, we want to help students become aware of the messages they tell themselves. Being aware of what we tell ourselves and knowing when our messages are helpful or not is probably one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Which is why our motto this week is:

I pay attention to what I tell myself.

How can we help our children reflect on their thinking and choose thoughts that can help them have a better experience?

First, notice when they make definitive statements. Such as, “Chores take forever and are a waste of my time.” Often we think in absolutes that don’t allow for the possibility of a better experience. When you notice your child doing this, consider helping them re-frame their thinking to something more helpful. For example, “Chores are not my favorite thing to do, but everyone in our family helps out.”

Second, use the power of maybe. When we have an unpleasant thought, apply “maybe” to it. For example, “Chores take forever” can become “Maybe chores will take forever, but maybe they won’t.” By adding ‘maybe’ to an unhelpful thought, we make room in our thinking for a better experience to happen.

A fifth grade, E.Q. Ambassador, once shared her feelings about doing the dishes, "Dirty dishes are disgusting." After asking herself, "Does this thought help me?" she realized her self-talk was only making her chore worse. She changed her thought to, "Doing the dishes helps my mom." Sure, she still thinks dirty dishes are disgusting, but now her focus is on how she is helping her mom rather than on the dirty dishes. She doesn’t dislike her chore as much as she used to, and she feels a sense of pride for helping her mom: small change, big difference.

“It's the so-called small habits that matter the most.
How you talk to yourself. The books you choose to read.
Who you share your energy with. Who you allow to have access to you. These are the habits that ultimately shape your life.”
― Clyde Lee Dennis

Small changes in our thinking can have large, positive impacts on our life, and it all begins by paying attention to the messages we tell ourselves.

Have a great week,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q. -The Discovery of You!

Upcoming dates

11/1 Wear Red for Red Ribbon Week

11/1 Early Release - 2:00

11/8 Early Release - 2:00

11/9 Veterans Day parade

11/11 No School - Veterans Day

11/12 PTSA Spirit night at In-N-Out 4:00-8:00

11/18 - 11/22 Anthem Book Fair

11/19 7/8 Band assessment @ Boulder Creek

11/22 Early Release - 2:00

11/22 School-wide STEAM Day

11/25 & 11/26 Field Days

11/27 - 11/29 No School - Thanksgiving Break

Save the date! Winter Concerts

- K-8 Choir concert - December 11

- 5-8 Band concert - December 12

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