School Counseling Newsletter

Quarter Two (2018-2019)

Who are the FIS School Counselors

Carol Slatas: Full Time

Natalie Choate: Part Time (Fridays)

We also have a UT Intern this year!

Sarah Lucchesi

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Quarter 2 Lessons

All classes will get two classroom counseling lessons this quarter in addition to the state mandated Erin's Law lesson focusing on the importance of personal body safety.

3rd Grade

Lesson 1

SS1- Make ethical decisions and practice social responsibility

SK2- Compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy behaviors

Lesson 2

SA1- Develop positive attitude toward self as a unique and worthy person

SE3- Explore cultural, ethnic, philosophical, or demographical differences in a safe, positive

& nurturing environment

4th Grade

Lesson 1

SA3- Respect diversity in culture, perspective, values, and experiences

SS3- Demonstrate empathy toward others

Lesson 2

SK3- Distinguish appropriate behaviors for a variety of settings and situations

SS4- Effectively collaborate with others, cooperate with diverse perspectives,

& communicate effectively in a variety of situations

5th Grade

Lesson 1

SE4- Create and sustain positive, supportive, and appropriate relationships with peers

& adults that support success

SS9- Select and utilize appropriate coping skills in the face of a specific challenge

Lesson 2

SS10- Appropriately utilize social media to enhance learning, develop positive relationships,

communicate, and an age appropriate entertainment

SS6- Assume responsibility for choices and consequences

Erin's Law

Here is a link for parents

Check out the Links and Resources page of our website for more tips on a variety of topics.

Coffee Talk: Bullying

Our first Coffee Talk for this year will take place on

Friday, October 19th from 7:45-8:30 am in the FIS Cafeteria.

Come hear about what your child is learning about bullying so that you can continue this important conversation at home. You will also hear a bit about our school's response plan for addressing bullying at FIS.

I'm First

We are going to be meeting with any student who would be the first in their family's history to attend college. We will meet 4 times this school year. We need you help identify student who qualify. Thank you to those who have already submitted a permission form. If your child fits this description and you would like them to participate in the group but you no longer have the form, no worries!.... send me an email and let me know your child's name, grade, and teacher.

Homework Club

We are going to be offering homework club again this year! This program is designed to support students who could use help with homework but can not afford outside private tutoring. A local church will be helping FIS make this program possible by providing volunteers. Several of the volunteers are retired teachers!

Homework club will be meeting after school on Wednesdays until 4:30 starting in November. Parents/Guardians are responsible to pick up students at 4:30.

All volunteers will have a background check through KCS.

If you think your child could benefit from this opportunity, please complete the following form.

Filling out this application does not guarantee admission into the program.

Culture Corner

As a part of the Counselor's Corner on FNN (Thursdays) we are going to celebrate diversity within our school be highlighting students from different ethnic backgrounds. We need YOUR HELP to identify good candidates. We are asking students to "apply" by filling out the form located outside the School Counseling Office. If your child would like to share about their ethnicity, please encourage them to apply!

Referrals for Counseling Services

You can make a referral for counseling services by completing the following form. This form can also be found under the "making a referral" section of the FIS School Counseling website. Make sure to select "PARENT referral".