Tison Roo News 2017-18

Week of October 30th

Welcome to the Tison Middle School newsletter -- as a Tison parent, we want to ensure your involvement in your student's middle school life, and one way to do that is to keep you informed on what's going on at Tison.

This newsletter typically gets emailed to you on a weekly basis, and usually on a Friday afternoon. If you know a Tison parent who should be getting this newsletter and is not, please have him or her email Leah Greer at lgreer@weatherfordisd.com. Also, if you have any questions or concerns over any information from the newsletter, please email Mrs. Greer.

We are off to a great start for the school year, and we hope your student comes to love Tison as much as we do!


Eric Sams

Tison Middle School Principal

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Tuesday, Oct 31 -- 7th grade Football VS Henderson (Stephenville) @ Tison MS (5-7 PM)

Tuesday, Oct 31 -- 8th grade Football VS Henderson @ Henderson MS (5-7 PM)

Thursday, Nov 2 -- 7th/8th Volleyball VS Everman MS @ Tison MS (5-7 PM)

Monday, Nov 6 -- Sunday, Nov 12

Tuesday, Nov 7 -- JR Roo Band Fan Club Meeting @ WHS (6-6:30 PM)

Thursday, Nov 9 -- TMEA MS ALL-REG Auditions (Perc, Clar, Flute & Trpt) @ CTHS (5 PM - ?)

Saturday, Nov 11 -- TMEA MS ALL-REG Band Auditions @ Aledo HS (7 AM - 5 PM)

Monday, Nov 13 -- Sunday, Nov 19

Tuesday, Nov 14 -- Tison NJHS Induction Ceremony in Tison Cafetorium (6 PM)

Thursday, Nov 16 -- 7th/8th GIRLS Basketball VS Joshua Nichols @ Tison MS (5-7 PM)

Thursday, Nov 16 -- 7th/8th BOYS Basketball VS Joshua Nichols @ Nichols MS (5-7 PM)


parker county november election info

Weatherford ISD encourages you to exercise your right to vote.

Early voting for the November 7th uniform election is now open through Friday, November 3rd. This election includes the opportunity to vote on seven propositions to amend the Texas Constitution and local city and school district elections (where applicable).

  • To view early voting and election day hours and polling sites along with sample ballots for Parker County, click HERE
  • To view information on each of the Propositions, please see the League of Women Voters of Texas’ Voters Guide (attached as a PDF document below)
  • For more information, including Voter ID requirements, please visit: www.VoteTexas.gov
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Tison Cheer Long Sleeve Shirt for Sale

Winter is coming and the Tison Middle School Cheer Program would like to help you stay warm and in style, while supporting our purchase of a new mascot suit!

We are selling the long sleeve t-shirts below through November 23rd for $25.00 each. Pre-sale order forms are available below. You may print the order form and send it with your payment to the attention of KYM FERRELL at Tison Middle school. Checks should be made out to TISON CHEER. Please make sure to fill out the appropriate form for your color preference.

Feel free to contact me via the information provided below with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your anticipated support of the TMS Cheer Program!

Profe. Ferrell

Tison Middle School

Spanish I/AP Spanish IV & Cheer Coach

817.598.2960 ext. 4200


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For the conclusion of the Red Ribbon Week 2017, the Tison Counselors wanted to share with parents the following daily public service announcements that were provided to the students this past week in an effort to warn and educate them on the dangers of drugs. Educating students on the dangers of drugs is important; however, it is equally important that parents are educated as well! If you have any questions, please contact one of the Tison Counselors.

Kim Brown (kbrown@weatherfordisd.com)

817-598-2960, ext. 4104

Gwen Ward (gward@weatherfordisd.com)

817-598-2960, ext. 4102


Have you heard of it? When prescribed by a doctor, it is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. This drug affects the brain and the central nervous system. Used incorrectly, this drug can cause addiction. If a student stops taking this drug suddenly, it can cause seizures or death. Fake Xanax pills, which look exactly like the real drug, can cause heart attacks, heart failure, or death. If you see something or know something…say something. It can absolutely save a life.

Xanax Bars

Have you ever seen a Xanax bar? They are white in color. Generic bars are green or yellow. Your body can quickly build a tolerance to Xanax bars and then it takes more of the drug to get the same effect. During an overdose, breathing can slow to the point that not enough oxygen can reach the brain. This can result in rapid cell death leading to brain damage, coma, and it can be fatal. Some students have died after taking one Xanax bar. If you see something or know something…say something. You could be the reason someone is alive tomorrow.


Have you ever heard anyone say, “I smoked or inhaled a dab”? Dabs are concentrated marijuana. Dabs are also known as butane hash oil, honey oil, or wax. Dabs are four times as strong as a joint. Those who inhale dabs may be unaware they are also inhaling other chemicals used in the production such as gases from metal and rust. Have you ever heard a student say, “I read the label; I know what I am taking”. Or, “I researched the drug; I know how it will affect me”. The truth is one pill, one vape, or one injection could end your life.


As with other drugs, alcohol can alter the ability of your brain to function correctly, taking away your ability to think clearly. It can affect your heart, cause strokes and increase your blood pressure. Alcohol can also cause cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, and liver. Alcohol can make a person violent. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I don’t have a problem, I can stop any time”? That is what an addict says. Have you ever been in a car with someone who has been drinking? You are risking your life, and you only have one life.What will it take for students to stop drinking? We need your help…if you see something, or know something...say something. It could absolutely save a life


Highly addictive--affecting your brain. Pure heroin is a white powder and students who experiment with it are at risk of overdosing or death. Heroine is most often injected, many times with used needles. Once injected, a student’s mental functioning can become clouded. An overdose can include slow breathing, muscle spasms, inflammation of the heart, coma, and death. What if you overdose and come close to death, but don’t die? You may be disabled and have the mental capacity of a baby for the rest of your life. Do you think you can take drugs and not be affected? Are you pressured to take drugs? If you see something or know something…say something. It could absolutely save a life.


Sold as fine white powder or rock crystals. If a student binges on cocaine, it leads to restlessness and paranoia. It results in students' losing touch with reality and having hallucinations. Alcohol and cocaine used together combine in the liver and may increase the risk of sudden death. Cocaine is strongly addictive. Addicts think they can stop at any time. Have you ever talked to someone who is addicted or experimenting with drugs? Do they listen to your warnings? If you see something or know something…say something. If you need help with your own life, please come by and see Mrs. Brown or Mrs. Ward.

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2017-2018 Tison PTA Executive Board

Volunteer Need for Tison PTA Executive Positions

The Tison PTA is searching for parents who might be interested in serving in a leadership capacity for the Tison PTA Executive Board! The positions of Vice President of Budget & Treasurer or currently open. If you are interested, contact any of the current board members above. Thanks!

Concession Stand Volunteer Sign-Up for final football/volleyball games & upcoming basketball games

We are in need of parent volunteers to help with the concession stand during the last remaining home football/volleyball games. We are also starting sign-ups for the upcoming home basketball games.

If you need to cancel your time slot, please do so as soon as possible so that others are aware. Also, students under 15 cannot handle money and if students work they have to be accompanied by an adult/parent.

Here are the links to sign up:

BOYS ATHLETIC GAMES: http://signup.com/go/rzFjUgu

GIRLS ATHLETIC GAMES: http://signup.com/go/TLfBCzy

Thank you for your help!

Frances Withaeger


Tison PTA VP of Hospitality/Concessions for Boys Athletics

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Top Picture Showing Winners of the Tournament (from left): Lexi Halverson (former Tison Student), Conner Halverson (current 8th grader), Austin Markwardt (current 8th grader), & Aaron Markwardt (Senior @ WHS...and former Tison student)

Tison Tennis Team News

On Tuesday, October 17th, your Tison Tennis Team faced the Brock Eagles in their last match of the season. With feathers flying, T3 sent Brock home to nest defeating them officially 16-3. The team of Melven/Taylor as well as Luke Poston had extremely close tie-breakers, but just couldn’t pull off the win. Austin Markwardt, Conner Halverson, and Sam Weldon left no mercy, winning their singles without a game lost. Congratulations to all those who won!!! Coach Light is extremely proud of you and can’t wait until our spring season.

Tison ended up winning their Fall 2017 Season 3 to 1. (This does not include Azle since the match was never made up.)

On another note, this past Saturday (October 21st), Tison held their very first family tennis tournament. We had a great turn out with over 10 teams showing up to play! Whether it was with a parent or a sibling, each team played over 6 different matches on a beautiful Saturday morning. First place went to Austin Markwardt and his senior brother, Aaron (Tison alum) while second place went to Conner Halverson and his sister, Lexi (also a Tison alum). Third place went to Hailey Toten and her father.

Congratulations to all those who played. Hopefully, we will see everyone back out next season!

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@ErinLight3 (8th grade ELA & Tennis coach, Erin Light)

@wmohr8 (8th grade Math/Algebra & Tison Athletic Coach, Wendy Mohr)

@mattnovikoff (Inclusion/Math Resource Teacher, Matt Novikoff)

@stpatterson11 (8th grade ELA, Stephanie Patterson)

@ToniScience (8th grade Science & NJHS sponsor, Toni Chapman)