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March 17, 2023

Upcoming Events

March 1-24: March is Reading Month

March 24: HALF DAY - 11:45am Dismissal; End of 3rd Quarter

March 27-March 31: NO SCHOOL - Spring Recess

April 3-6: Spring Parent Teacher Conferences (Invitation Only)

April 7: NO SCHOOL - Good Friday

April 10: NO SCHOOL - Teacher PD

April 13: HALF DAY - 11:45am Dismissal - Teacher PD

A Message from the Principal

Dear Woodland Families,

Our Wildcats have been having a great time with March is Reading Month. Students have been exploring with our "Reading Will Take You Places" theme. From mystery readers to enjoying a story at night with your child, we thank you for your partnership.

Don't forget that next Friday, March 24th is a half day for teacher records, and then we will be closed for Spring Break Monday, March 28th - Friday, March 31st.

Have a good weekend,

Mrs. Katalin Rosinski

From Avondale Superintendent Dr. James Schwarz

The following is an update to information that I previously shared about our plans to install weapons detection gates at each of our schools’ main entrances, within the vestibules before entering into the offices.

OPENGATE Weapons Detection Overview

  • Provides an additional layer of security.

  • Used by other school districts in Oakland County who report that the gates are minimally intrusive and cause few delays at the start of the school day when the entrances experience the most traffic.

  • Also used at Ford Field, Little Caesar’s Arena, and concert venues (capable of quickly checking large crowds).

  • The units do not use x-ray or technology that would provide harmful exposure to any form of rays.

  • The units are portable so they can be used at other entry points both inside and outside as needed.

  • Signs near the gates will provide instructions for passing through the gates.

  • It will not be necessary to remove coats, backpacks, purses, etc. except if the gate signals that it has detected something that should be examined more closely. In that case, the person will be led to a separate area so that their belongings can be examined.

  • ALL visitors to ALL Avondale schools will be required to pass through the gates before allowance into any school office.

  • We are expecting to complete the installation of the weapons detection gates in the main entryways of all of our schools by the time our staff and students return from Spring Break on Monday, April 3rd.

The decision to install the gates was not an easy one as we were concerned (as you may be) about the impact the presence of the gates will have upon our students and staff and the overall environment of teaching and learning in our buildings, attempting to balance comfortability and security. It is a painful reality that we are in a time that necessitates that schools – places that should be considered safe havens – are compelled to add layers of security in order to keep students and staff who walk through their doors free from harm.

Let us know if you have any questions and please look for your building administrator’s protocols specific to your child’s school coming soon.

Dr. James Schwarz

Intent to Return Forms Sent Home

An "Intent to Return" form was sent home with your child last week. Please fill out the form and return it to your child's teacher ASAP. These surveys help us to make appropriate plans for next fall regarding the ordering and planning for supplies, equipment, staff and classes. If your child did not bring a form home, please have them get one from the Main Office. Thank you for your cooperation!

March is Reading Month


  • March 21st: Woodland’s WOW Day! Wonderful World of Words - Students wear shirts and/or pants with words on them.

  • March 24th: Cozy Read-in - Wear pajamas and bring in a favorite book and stuffed animal.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. – Margaret Fuller

We’ve been having fun celebrating reading. Throughout the week, several classes welcomed Mystery Readers to share favorite stories. On Wednesday, the whole school enjoyed “Popcorn and Poetry.” Today, Woodland was a sea of green as students celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and listened to some silly limericks.

Don’t forget to have students turn in their transportation card on Friday if they’ve met their grade’s reading goal. Next week’s reading incentive prize is a scoop of ice-cream from Culver's. Yum! Students who have turned in all three transportation cards will have their names entered into a special drawing for Barnes and Noble gift cards.

***We have rescheduled our “Dress like a Book Character” day for Thursday, March 23rd. (ex: Fancy Nancy-wear fancy clothes, Harry Potter- wear glasses and cape, Magic Tree House characters- dress for an adventure, Angelina Ballerina- wear a dance costume)

The 25 Day Reading Challenge can be done anytime.

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Donations Needed for Woodland Auction

Woodland’s PTO will be sponsoring its first online auction next month. The PTO has been busy soliciting donations of gift cards and merchandise from local businesses that will be available for bids.

If you or someone you know own a business, we would appreciate donations to expand the options available on our auction platform. There is a donation letter from the PTO on school letterhead with our Tax ID available to share with businesses. It is attached below and we also have some available in the main office. You can call or email us and we can send one home with your child.

Do you have unused gift cards that are taking up space in your purse or wallet? Did you or your children receive duplicate gifts over the holidays that can’t be returned to the store or did your family receive gifts that were unwanted? If so, you can donate them to Woodland’s first-ever online auction that is sponsored by our PTO. All money raised will go towards purchasing materials to enhance our students' school experience or towards curriculum enrichment by paying for assemblies and field trips.

All donations are tax deductible. We can only accept products that are in the original packaging. The usable amount on the gift cards must be verified before we can accept them.

All donations must be at school by Wednesday, April 5th. Thank you in advance for supporting our fundraising event.

Young Rembrandts New Registration

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Woodland Yearbooks

Order Your Yearbook Online Now!!

Don't forget to order your Woodland 2022-2023 Yearbook! You do not want to miss out on keeping this year's school memories! Please order your yearbook ONLINE at ybpay.com using the ID code 5933223 until April 17th. Please click on the link below to order your yearbook:


(UPDATED) Avondale School District 2023-2024 Calendar

Thanks to the diligence of the calendar committee, led by Mrs. Coleen Brunni, we are able to release the 2023-2024 calendar of school year start and end dates, and dates for holiday and seasonal breaks. Please find the updated calendar below.
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Breakfast is Available in the Cafeteria from 8:22am-8:40am

Cafeteria and Hot Lunch

School breakfast and lunch is no longer free. Breakfasts cost $1.50 and lunches cost $2.85. If a child orders a 2nd lunch, she/he must pay an additional $2.85. Money can be added to student accounts on Meal Magic.

Hot Lunch

Monday 3/20: A) Bosco Sticks B) Mixed Berry Parfait C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Tuesday 3/21: A) Pasta Alfredo B) Grilled Cheese C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Wednesday 3/22: A) Cheese Pizza B) Chicken Tenders C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Thursday 3/23: A) Cheeseburger B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Friday 3/24: HALF DAY - No Lunch Service

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Food Service & Meal Magic

We have transitioned from MiStar Parent Portal to Meal Magic Family Portal for all food service-related management including viewing your student’s meal purchases and making deposits into their meal account. Set up your student’s Meal Magic account and learn more at https://avondale.familyportal.cloud/. Note that if your student had an unspent balance in their MiStar meal account, that amount will be carried over into the new Meal Magic system.

Learn more about these changes to our food services here.

An additional note regarding Avondale Food Services is a reminder of the importance of sharing any allergies that your student may have with our Food Service Department. If your student has any food allergies, please fill out the form here and email it to megan.haase@avondaleschools.org.

PLEASE NOTE: We have been notified by Chartwells Food Service that Woodland has many students with a negative lunch balance. Please log in to your Meal Magic accounts and check your child's account balance. Thank you for your support!

Happy Birthday

March 17: Mihika D., Lakelyn J., Mrs. Kowalski

March 19: Reid S.

March 20: Ms. Coulter

March 21: Allie T., Scarlett T.

March 23: Isaiah Z.

March 25: Mrs. Clar-Flores

March 26: Maya S.

March 28: Chase N., Ms. Carion

March 29: Colton H.

March 31: Myer S., Ayan S.

Positivity Project (P2)

This week, we had Identifying & Appreciating the Good in Others as part of our Positivity (P2) Project.

What Does Humor Mean?

It’s important to deliberately work to identify and appreciate others’ character strengths.

Identifying and appreciating the good in others is a core tenet of the Other People Matter Mindset. This isn’t always what comes naturally. Often, it’s easier to blame others for our problems or find flaws in others to use as excuses for our own jealousy, bitterness, or resentment. The problem is that this negativity usually leads to problems – for ourselves, for the other person, and for our relationships.

To see the good in others, we must first slow down and take the time to pay attention. Look for the intentions behind people’s words and actions. If you feel slighted, you can use perspective and ask, “Did that person intend to hurt me or did they just come across awkward?” It’s also useful to see the skills and character strengths others possess. Doing so leverages your appreciation of excellence and strengthens your leadership capacity.

Why Does It Matter?

Identifying and appreciating the good in other people helps you see the world through a more positive – and less threatening – lens. If you’re constantly seeing the negative traits of people, you’re going to think the world is comprised of bad people – and you’re going to operate from a defensive posture. This isn’t to say that we should be naïve or see the world, and its people, through “rose-colored glasses.”

On a group level, identifying and appreciating the good in others is very important. Reciprocity, the social norm of responding to positive actions with a positive reaction, is powerful. If you see the good in another, they’re likely to see the good in you. That’s a great foundation to start an interpersonal relationship – and a group culture – especially when couched in the vocabulary of the 24 character strengths.

Next week, we will have a Makeup/Wildcard Week as part of our Positivity Project (P2).

Attendance is Key!


  • Remind your child that school is their first and most important job! Tardies, late arrivals, and early release times matter!

  • Communicate the importance of regular school attendance to your child so they are hearing the same thing we are saying at school.

We have many students who have been picked up early on multiple occasions. Important learning, including many intervention times, occur the last hour of school. Please be aware that when a child is picked up before 2:40pm, he/she is considered absent for the afternoon. Any time a student is picked up between 2:40pm and dismissal, it is considered an early withdrawal.

We are taking attendance very seriously because every minute missed, is a missed opportunity to learn.

Attendance Standards

8:33am-9:30am - Tardy

9:31am-11:45am - Absent in AM

11:46am-2:40pm - Absent in PM

2:41pm-3:39pm - Early Withdrawal


Please DO NOT send your child to school if:

  • They have had a fever within the last 24 hours
  • They have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

If your child will be late or not attending school, please call the attendance line directly @ 248-537-6910 before 9am. The attendance line is available to call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Also, if you are calling in your child's absence and they (or someone in the household) have Covid, please make sure to also call our district nurse, Lourdes Lopez, so she can give you pertinent clinical guidance. You may contact her at 947-235-1067. This is the protocol this year. We need to report the cases to the Oakland County Health Department and MDHHS.

At Woodland, our goal is a 95% attendance rate.

School Attendance: March 6th - March 10th = 93%


COVID.gov Reopens-FREE COVID Tests

With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations on the rise again, the White House is bringing back free at-home COVID test orders as part of their "Winter Preparedness Plan". Each household will be able to request four more FREE at-home rapid COVID tests from the federal government, with the first tests set to be shipped out by the U.S. Postal Service during the week of December 19th.

Order FREE COVID Tests Here

FREE Home Rapid Covid Test Kits Available Through Avondale

Due to the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases within our district, Avondale has requested more free Covid home rapid test kits from the MDHHS for the parents of students that attend Avondale Schools and for Avondale staff and ancillary employees. If anyone needs more rapid test kits, please reach out to Nurse Lourdes A. Lopez, RN via email @ lourdes.alcala-lopez@avondaleschools.org or by phone at 947-235-1067. We can help you to obtain free home antigen test kits for themselves and their family members, and prevent you from spending out-of-pocket for these expensive test kits. Please remember that testing early helps mitigate the spread of Covid-19. Identifying the cause of symptoms can help in the differentiation between Influenza and Covid-19, and it helps guide in the path to take for treatment and recovery. Be safe and be well!


Kroger Rewards

Do you have a Kroger Plus card? If so, you can link your card to our school and Kroger will donate a percentage to Woodland! You still get all the great savings and all the fuel points! Link your card online at www.kroger/communityrewards by entering our account number: SQ402 or searching for Woodland PTO.


School of Choice Applications Now Being Accepted

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Avondale Youth Theatre Summer Camp

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Other Happenings Around Town

Scout Registration Meeting

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Staying Connected

Please see the the Woodland Elementary website and the Avondale School District website as resources for valuable information. We also post reminders and information on our Woodland Facebook Page. Please like us to stay connected with Woodland and the community.