HMS Weekly Update #2

Friday, September 16th, 2022

Dear Hoboken Middle School Family,

Happy Friday, HMS! I hope everyone has had a great first few days back at school. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns

Arrival Information:

The entrance on the 4th street side of the building is open to all students from 7:30 - 8:15. If your child arrives early, they should report to that door and enter the building. Students will then report to the HMS Cafeteria where breakfast will be served. The grade 6 (Garden Street) and grade 8 (Bloomfield Street) entrances doors open at 8:15 each day.

Please take some time to read through the updates below to learn some more about this past week and upcoming events. Some highlights are:

  • HMS Help Desk
  • OnCourse Connect ~ Parent Information
  • HMS Lunch Information
  • HMS PTO Corner
  • Hoboken Theater Department Fundraiser
  • School Uniform Purchasing ~ OPEN Monday, 9/12 (see below for details)
  • HMS Faculty & Staff ~ Meet the Faculty Presentation (click me!)
  • HMS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month! ~ Lesson Feature
  • Our corner's that highlight areas within our school community
  • Passport to Learning ~ HMS
  • HMS Clubs & Activities Corner
  • Grade and content level summary to give you a peak into the classroom
  • Helpful information at the bottom of the newsletter


  • Students should bring a full water bottle to school everyday. If you would like to purchase an HMS Water bottle for $2 please have your child stop by the main office and see Ms. Munoz. We have water hydration stations in the building on the 1st floor and 3rd floor so they can fill up their bottles.
  • Chromebooks must be charged each night at home. Please check in with your child to remind them to charge their Chromebook at night.
  • Please communicate any health issues to Nurse Kirwin ( You may also share any documentation with her that the school would need.
  • Here is the HMS Student Handbook for your convenience
  • Please find the HMS School Uniform Guidance information

As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Sorafine

HMS Help Desk

Here are some helpful items for our families:

My child is going to be absent...what do I do?

Email and to inform us about the absence.

I need to pick up my child early...what do I do?

Call the main office 15 minutes prior to pick up so your child can be waiting at the 4th street entrance. The main office is (201) 356-3754. You will need to come into the security area to sign the book for your child to leave.

I have an issue with my Chromebook...what do I do?

Please visit the HPS-Tech in Our Schools Site for any tech related questions or problems with Chromebooks.

I have a question about dress code or purchasing...what do I do?

Email Dr. Baskinger ( for information

I have a question for about my child making up work if they are absent...what do I do?
Email Ms. Falcone for assistance (

Oncourse Connect ~ Parent Information


Here is the link for parents to sign up for Oncourse Connect:

I am also including the link that has FAQ's and videos to assist parents logging in:

HMS Lunch Information

HMS PTO Corner

Upcoming PTO Dates and Topics

November 16th - SRO Presentation

January 11th - Health Presentation
March 8th - Technology

May 10th - TBD

June 7th - Meet and Discuss 23/24 School Year!

School Uniform Purchasing

The Hoboken Middle School Apparel Store: Closes Friday, 9/23!

Store Site - Visit East Coast Designs HMS

On the East Coast Designs main site, choose Hoboken Middle School under “Select Your Group” options

Click GO next to HOBOKEN MIDDLE SCHOOL. This will bring you directly to the HMS ordering site.

- ALL orders will be produced once the store is closed.

- Orders will be distributed by the HMS Staff.

- To view an enlarged image of an item, click on the image and it will open in a pop up window.

- For youth apparel, typical numeric sizing is as follows: YXS-4/5, YS-6/8, YM-10/12, YL-14/16, YXL-18/20.

- Please be sure to double check your order before submitting.

- We are not responsible for wrong size choices or personalizations.

- Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or Discover only.

- Be sure to FULLY COMPLETE CHECKOUT, you should receive an automated receipt of your order by email and will see a pending charge on your credit card

(can take up to 24 hours and be sure to check your junk/spam box).

These are customized items, there are no returns or exchanges.

HMS "Feel Good Fridays!"

Hoboken Middle School wrapped up its first full week of school and is ending with the great Feel Good Friday Tradition! Mr. Sorafine's Friday afternoon shoutouts highlighted great moments captured throughout the week. Let's keep Feeling Good!

Hoboken Middle School Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

The 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month Theme is Unidos: Inclusivity for a Stronger Nation. National Hispanic Heritage Month is the period from September 15 to October 15 in the United States, when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate the group's heritage and culture. This month students will be engaging in many activities to celebrate Latinidad, a Spanish-Language term to describe the various attributes shared by Latin American people and their descendants.

Hoboken Theater Department Fundraiser

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Ms. Falcone's Guidance Counselor Corner

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HMS Nurse's Corner

Welcome back to school, I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and enjoyed making new memories. Just a few friendly reminders for the new school year.

Crutches, Ace Bandages

If your child experiences an injury and needs to come to school with an assistive device or any kind of wrap, please send them in with a doctor’s note so that we know the type of injury that occurred and the doctor’s recommended restrictions. Wraps put on by parents at home cannot be adjusted by the school nurse without a doctor’s note. Gym and recess excuses also have to come from the child’s doctor. It is important to keep me updated and notify me of any change in physical status so that the appropriate measures are put in place.


If your child has any medical needs please feel free to call me to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. As a reminder, if your child has any kind of over the counter or prescribed medication that needs to be kept in school, please let me know, have your doctor fill out a medication administration form and supply me with the medication. Please do not send in the medication in your child’s backpack. This is a safety concern! All medication must be handed to the nurse, by the parent, with orders.


Also, a reminder that there are two required immunizations for all 6th graders as per the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. If your child has been immunized and is up to date on their required immunizations please send me a copy as soon as possible. If they have yet to receive the two required immunizations please make an appointment and provide proof of immunization.

The 2 required immunizations are as follows:

N.J.A.C. 8:57-4.10: Diptheria, Tetanus and Pertussis Vaccine (TDap)

Every child born on or after January 1, 1997 and entering or attending grade 6 on or after September 1, 2008 shall have received one dose of TDap, given no earlier than his/her 10th birthday.

N.J.A.C. 8:57-4:20: Meningococcal Vaccine

Every child born on or after January 1, 1997 and entering or attending grade 6 shall have 1 dose of meningococcal vaccine such as the medically preferred meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

Effective School Solutions Corner

September is Suicide Prevention Month. The following resource discusses knowing the risk factors and knowing the signs that can lead to suicide. Providing an open forum to have the dialogue about suicide, being aware of the support services available and utilizing crisis centers are also preventative tools. We hope that this educational tool is useful to you in creating awareness about suicide and it's prevention.

Please be aware of the new LifeLine (988) available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Article: We Can All Prevent Suicide

Passport to Learning ~ Hoboken Middle School


We had a productive first week of kickboxing! Students learned their fighting stance, jab, cross, and front kick. They learned how to chamber their knee before extending their leg out for the front kick.

Chef It Up!

Happy Friday and welcome back! In the first week of Chef It Up, students had the opportunity to show off their skills with a slew of different dishes! We started the week making delicious pizzas! Rolling out the dough, spreading the sauce of cheese really set the bar high! What put them over the top was out topping choice; peppers, olives, and pepperoni. We finished that class on a sweet note making Cheesecake dip! Later in the week, we made cheese bombs and parfaits! We made dough balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese and they were absolutely delicious. Our parfaits were made with strawberry filling, chocolate chips, graham crackers and sprinkles. Not to mention the vanilla yogurt we had to throw over the top of everything! We are excited to get back into the kitchen next week!


We had a fun first week of Tennis! Students learned their split step, ready position, as well as a forehand and backhand. We are working on our form and swing. We’ve also had a lot of fun playing, as we renamed it, “President of the Court”, and “jail”. I’m excited for more tennis next week!

Glass Arts

We have had a great time this week making mosaics with glass at the Glass Roots Studio in Newark. Our teacher, Ms. Amira, taught us to safely use snips to cut glass into small pieces to create either a self portrait or a picture of our own design. Next week we will add grout to fill in the gaps in our mosaics.


Happy Friday and welcome back! In the first week of Archery, we learned the most important thing to have a successful year: Safety Protocol! We learned the proper verbal cues to safely approach the line, shoot the bows and retrieve the arrows. Following, we had the opportunity to fire our bows at our targets, about 10 yards away. Though very difficult at first we consistently pointed our arrows down range and continued to hit the target. Some of us hit the board, and some of us are not deterred from missing, but determined to land our first bullseye! We are excited to get back to the range next week and try again!

Rock Climbing

First week of Rock Climbing was a success! The students were engaged, interested, and having fun being introduced to the world of Rock Climbing! They went over rock climbing rules, strategies to best help them climb, and learned how to perfect their 8 knots!

HMS Clubs & Activities Corner


This GSA had their first meeting this week! As a community, we spent our time together getting to know one another with a pride-themed icebreaker. We also used Jamboard to establish our Community Guidelines and to brainstorm activities we would like to engage in throughout the year. If you would like to join the GSA, please email Ms. Painter at New members are always welcome!

Academic Team

The Academic Team held their first meeting for the school year this week! Students were excited to see familiar faces, and get to know our new members. We played a “This or That” Kahoot game to get started. Then, we tested our knowledge of current events by taking the NYTimes Summer 2022 Quiz. This quiz covered current events that took place over the summer, in areas of U.S. Politics, Sports, Scientific Discoveries, Pop Culture, International Affairs, and more! Next week, we will begin preparing for our academic competitions. If you are interested in joining the Academic Team, it is not too late to join! Please email Ms. Painter at for more information.

HMS World Language Corner

French, Spanish, & Mandarin

This week in Mandarin, Spanish and French classes, we have been working on establishing effective classroom procedures and fostering an environment of mutual respect and cooperation. In 6th grade classes, we have begun to introduce students to some expressions in the target language, as well as helping students understand the use of the target language in the world. In 7th and 8th grade classes, we have reviewed key material learned last year so that students can reinforce the necessary foundation in the language before moving on to new topics.

Grade & Content Level ~ What Have We Been Learning?

Each Friday our grade level teams will be sharing content highlights from the week. Please check out the sections below that highlight the content for your child.

6th Grade

Language Arts

Our first full week of sixth grade ELA was wonderful. We continued to get to know one another with different activities, learning about our favorite and least favorite things. We had the opportunity to do some writing and work on developing our writing skills. In addition to working on our speaking and listening skills, students participated in a close reading in order to create strong text evidence to support inferences. We will continue to work on these and others skills as we begin our School Wide Writing Workshop next week. Also next week, we will begin the first sixth grade novel, Freak the Mighty.

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This week, the students got to start exploring the Envision math series. In unit 1, students are applying their ability to complete computation with rational numbers to problem solving. Students practiced adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals and are starting to multiply and divide fractions. Students learned to stop writing remainders and instead turn leftovers in division into fractions and decimals. Students completed a division pixel activity and enjoyed seeing their hard work populate into an image.
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Social Studies

This week in Social Studies class, we commemorated Constitution Week by collaborating with our classmates to create a Class Constitution. This unique opportunity introduced students to the US Constitution, Constitution Day, and gave the students the ability to have ownership over the classroom rules and procedures. Students interpreted the Preamble of the Constitution and used this as a guide to establish a Class Constitution. After careful deliberation, students then participated in the ratification process. With over 2/3 of the majority of students, our Class Constitution was passed and signed.
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This week in science, we talked about the many misconceptions about scientists and what they look like. We described and illustrated what we envisioned initially (lab coats, goggles, crazy hair, etc.) and realized we were being very stereotypical. After discussions and taking a look at real-life scientists, we realized they can be everyday people – like us! We watched a Generation Genius video in class on what it takes to become a scientist, and learned more about different scientific fields of study. We ended the week with some community building and a fun card stacking activity to see who could build the highest card tower. Each card had buzzwords and new ideas that came to mind when we thought of scientists.
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7th Grade

Language Arts

During the first full week of ELA, seventh graders engaged in their first core novel, Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Before reading, students explored themes that will appear in the novel, including friendship, beauty standards, and power. Students studied characteristics of the dystopian genre and used these characteristics to make predictions about Uglies. At the end of the week, students read Chapters 1-2 in the novel and focused on analyzing our main character, Tally. Next week, we will begin our first Writing Workshop unit, How Writers Work.


During their first full week of school, our seventh graders learned how to add and subtract rational numbers, how to apply their learning to real-life contexts involving temperature, elevation, and money, and how to enjoy the fruits of their labor with hands-on centers and activities. They played integer bingo, completed an integer maze, and colored an integer “color-by-number worksheet”. Next week, students will continue to work with rational numbers as we transition to multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers!

Social Studies

In our first full week of school, students were introduced to the core concepts of geography starting with map skills. We introduced the five themes of geography such as location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction. In this week’s night write, students learned about National Hispanic Heritage month which started on September 15th and continues through to October 15th. Next week, we’ll continue learning about map skills and why they’re important to geography.


In Science the students worked on expressing their meaning of science through pictures and words. They have also learned about each step that is taken through the scientific method, and how non-scientist use the scientific method without realizing they are doing so in their everyday life situations. Next week the classes will be working through the scientific method while collaborating on their first hands-on project.

8th Grade

Language Arts

This week in ELA, students set up their interactive Writer’s Notebooks, which we will be utilizing throughout the course of the year. Students learned tools to become thoughtful readers by reading chapters from How to Read Literature Like a Professor for Kids by Thomas C. Foster. Students were introduced to various techniques that authors use while creating stories such as symbolism, metaphors, characterization, setting, and plot. Through relating the techniques to many popular novels, students will know how to identify important aspects of literature in our novels this year.

Additionally, students began defining vocabulary in their Writer’s Notebook from a list of “100 Words Every 8th Grader Should Know”. Students differentiated between simple, compound, and complex sentences and demonstrated their understanding by creating original sentences for each type. To finish, we played a Kahoot! to review all of the concepts we learned this week!

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Pre Algebra

In Pre-Algebra the students kicked off the week with a vocabulary review that was reflected during daily lessons. We emphasized on repeating and terminating decimals, and rational and irritation numbers. Students also explored patterns between fractions and repeating digits within small groups. Practice problems are assigned for homework in math workbooks or handouts. Reminder, that math binders and calculators should stay in the classroom. Next week, we will dive into perfect squares and perfect cubes. The students will be completing both written and hands-on activities to both visually and physically see how these numbers work. Students are still getting familiar with our daily routine and expectations. We are off to a great start and can’t wait for the rest of the year ahead!

Pre-AP Algebra

It has been a whirlwind week for algebra. We began the week taking the summer projects to new levels. Through the 1234 project, students reviewed order of operations rules as well as identity properties, exponents and even factorials. The paper pool exploration asked students to use what they know about ratios to determine which pocket a ball will land in when playing on a table in which balls always start from the same spot and only travel at 45 degree angles. Students challenged themselves to quickly determine which pocket a ball might land in and how many hits it would take to land there based on the dimensions of the table.

Later in the week we moved into our first formal unit in Pre AP algebra in which we will explore slope as a rate of change. Students considered real world examples of direct variations/proportional relationships and determined best ways to represent these relationships in graphs, tables, equations and stories. Throughout the week we focused on catching up with one another after the summer and developed expectations and celebration opportunities and routines for the classroom. We are off to a beautiful start!

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Social Studies & Pre AP World History

This week in World History and Geography we were introduced to the five themes of Geography (location, place, region, human-environment interaction and movement). We took a closer look at location and place and analyzed the different characteristics of both. The students were provided with guided notes as we reviewed two presentations that detailed the characteristics of location (absolute and relative location) and places (physical and human characteristics).

Students were able to practice and perfectly demonstrate their understanding of these different characteristics by creating Venn diagrams comparing and contrasting different locations and by participating in a paired activity in which they used physical and human characteristics to describe different places to get their partner to try and guess the correct place. Next week we will be taking a closer look at regions!


This week in science, students started the week off with lab safety rules. As a class, we compiled a list of safety rules for the lab and recorded them in our science notebooks. From this list, each student chose one rule to illustrate on a poster with a partner. The poster was to illustrate the importance of the rule, what the rule looks like in a lab setting, and the dangers of failing to follow this rule. After we completed our beginning of the year surveys, students were given an opportunity to explore their “Physics-in-a-Box” cases to become familiar with the equipment and apparatuses that we will be conducting experiments with throughout the year. Students checked off an inventory list of their boxes, which they will be using to build circuits next week. On Friday, we took notes and reviewed some concepts from seventh grade that will be useful knowledge during our electricity and magnetism unit.

Fine and Performing Arts Corner

HMS Strings

Ms. Monblatt's HMS students had a fantastic first full week of string class! Students reviewed the basics of instrument care, posture, and performance technique and began working on sight reading music! Students practiced identifying the clef, key signature, and time signature at the beginning of each piece, and then worked with a peer to practice their sight reading before performing as a class! Students finished the week by successfully performing Beethoven's famous theme, "Ode To Joy"! Bravo to all of these incredible students for all of their hard work!

Pre AP Visual Arts

Welcome back Tigers! This week in Pre-AP Visual Arts we kicked off our week students got started on their first art projects of the year. See images below!

Pre-AP Theater

This week in Pre-AP all students participated in a variety of theater warm-up games to start each class. The 6th grade students began exploring the world of West Side Story and worked to identify the "who, what, where, when, and why" of the story. 7th and 8th grade students have started studying narrative structure by analyzing the historical text Antigone. Next week students will explore these topics further. Looking forward to it!

Creative Writing

This week students wrote their first story in Creative Writing: Fractured Fairy Tales.

Students created their own version of a Fairy Tale changing the Point of View and adding characters to enhance the plot of the story. After Peer Review the class will write the final version. Stay tuned for some great stories coming soon. Have a great weekend!

Health & Fitness Education

Physical Education

What a great first full week of school! Students were engaged in all sorts of competitive sports and discussed the importance of teamwork, listening, and communicating. Students were able to play various games that kept them on their feet and even practiced stating the rules of Physical Education. Next week, more exciting and action filled activities!

Parent Resources for Cell Phone Monitoring

Most children today have a cellphone on hand and use it extensively to do homework, communicate with friends, and view social media platforms. It is almost unimaginable to think of a modern-day child who doesn’t take full advantage. These rapid advancements in technology have been proven to be a recent challenge. Below are two suggested cellphone monitoring services that include activity monitoring, location services, filtering, and screen time management. Though not offered through Hoboken Public Schools, these resources may be helpful in managing cell phone usage. Click on each link below below to be taken directly to the resource website.

Qustodio: The All-In-One Parental Control and Digital Wellbeing Solution

Mobicip: Designed for Digital Parents