One Pager- Women Roles In WW2

By: Brooke Yarish

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  • During WW2 women had to take up non-traditional jobs
  • "Rosie the Riveter" was a national symbol of that time
  • Even though the women took on the men's jobs they were still expected to return home and do everything else they would normally do
  • "Rosie the Riveter" inspired a social movement that increased the number of working American women from 12 million to 20 million by 1944
  • Nearly 350,000 women served in uniform, both at home and abroad
  • Women drove trucks, repaired airplanes, worked as laboratory technicians, rigged parachutes, served as radio operators, analyzed photographs, flew military aircraft across the country,and test flew newly repaired planes
  • They wanted to keep their jobs when the men returned from war