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Letter from the Principal

Dear Lions Park Families,

We hope your children have a safe and enjoyable spring break. Whether you are staying here in Mount Prospect or taking a vacation, we hope your family is able to enjoy some extra time together. There are many fun things to do that don't cost money and can even be done in the evenings if parents or guardians are still working. Family game nights without the pressure of homework or early bedtimes are one option. Walks and bike rides are fun too, and my girls like to take turns being the leader and weaving us around the neighborhood. Even if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can still get outside. Some of our more memorable walks have been with umbrellas and rain boots in wet conditions. Whether you are traveling or staying home, we recommend having some good books handy. You could pick one for the adults to read aloud to the whole family and others children to read independently. We look forward to seeing everyone rested and refreshed on March 28th.

We were so proud of our STEM Fair presenters! They did an outstanding job of explaining how they applied the scientific process to a question they had. If you want to see some of their projects, please take a look at this presentation. Thanks to Natalie Kronforst and the PTO for sponsoring this special event.

As you may know, Erin’s Law mandates that sexual abuse prevention education for public school children in Illinois and many other states across the country. More information about Erin’s Law can be found by clicking here. During the first two weeks after spring break, Lions Park students will participate in a 30-minute classroom presentation delivered by Gail Valentini, School Social Worker, to educate them in an age-appropriate way about the topic of childhood sexual abuse. These valuable presentations will teach students more about personal safety, safe vs. unsafe touches, safety steps to follow if someone breaks the touching rule and good secrets vs. bad secrets. Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mrs. Valentini ( if you have any follow up questions.

We know dogs are a cherished member of many families. However, we also have students who are afraid of dogs and/or allergic to them. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you not bring dogs on school grounds. If you wish to take advantage of the improving weather and walk your pet to Lions Park, you would wait across the street and have your child cross to meet you with our staff crossing guards at Council Trail and School Street or at Council Trail and Elm Street. We greatly appreciate your cooperation so that all students can feel safe and comfortable at arrival and dismissal.


Katie Kelly



Monday, March 21-Sunday, March 27 - Spring Break, NO SCHOOL

Monday, March 28 - Classes Resume


Attention 2nd Grade Parents: Dental Exam Reports are due by May 15th.

Thank you to the parents/guardians who have already sent in your Dental Exam Forms. Dental Exam Forms for all 2nd Graders are due by May 15th, 2022. Dental exams after 11/15/20 are acceptable. If needed, please schedule an appointment soon. Please have your dentist complete, date, and sign the district’s Dental Exam Form (see below).

The completed form may be emailed to or faxed to: (847) 394-7338.

Thank you!

Cathy Bauer BSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Lions Park School Nurse

Mount Prospect School District 57

Ph: 847-394-7330 x3102 Fax: 847-394-7338