News from Room 4

September 14, 2017

What will be learning next week:

*Language Arts Unit 1: Week 3 – Growing Up

-Vocabulary: Change, learn, adult, imitate, practice

- Grammar/Conventions: Punctuation (.?!)

-Spelling Words: pin, win, hit, sit, miss, kiss, spin, skin, be, run Review: sad, nap

- Skill: Sequence of events

* Writing- Narrative: Autobiographical

Important Notes:

-Next week we will start Habit #2, (Start with the end in mind). We will read about a bear who made a list then worked towards achieving his goals through a lemonade stand. Talk to your child about their goals and ask them how they can reach them. Next week we will make an art project with our arms and write down our goals on them. We will also study the little read hen and how she had to plan her bread. If you have any versions of The Little Red Hen, please send them in next week! Thanks!!!

-Please sign up to receive SSF’s weekly flyers. Go to: to sign up.

-Each Friday, 10 books or 2 chapter books in a clear, plastic bag will go home:

*Remember, these books should be a bit easy. I want to build their confidence and learn to LOVE reading.

*If they don't bring back the bag on Friday, new books won't be chosen and sent home. If they loose a book, it costs $10.00 to replace.

-Your child's school pictures went home this week. You can order your pictures by mail, online or return your order to school.

-We started using the iPads!!! This week we went over rules, how to carry them, take a picture of themselves and save it on the screensaver, close apps, used Education and played cool math games. I'm VERY excited!!!

-If you have any gently used books that are no longer getting read, send them in! I'll find a good home for ANY book either in our class library or a classroom in need. Thanks!

-A Scholastic flyer went home today and the due date to order books is September 22nd. This is a great way to get age appropriate books at an amazing price while adding points to our own classroom to buy more books. I sent ONE flyer home but when you log on you have access to hundreds of books any many more flyers.


I still need ONE more parent to read each Monday morning. If you're interested please let me know. Thanks!


I send home individual pictures each month and hang them up in the room. I always send them to COSTCO and would LOVE Costco gift cards to develop these pictures. If you could help out, please send in gift cards.....Thanks!

Raz Kids is ready!

You can access Raz-kids from a computer or an iPad. Either go to the site, then KIDS LOGIN and our class code is: ccampbell155 your child's password is their 4 digit password or get the app Kids A-Z and put the codes above. We will be reading from Raz Kids about 15 minutes a day in class so its not necessary your child reads books form Raz Kids each night but use it if your child wants too!!!

Dreambox is Ready!

Click HERE or go to this address on a computer:

On the iPad, download the app and our school code is: rdew/solanasfe

You need to find my name then your child's name. Their code is the 4 digit code they always use. Their levels rolled over from last year however, I may reset levels back to first grade. I find there can be holes and forgotten standards due to the summer break.


Thanks to the PTO for our fabulous spirt shirts. Remember to wear them every Friday.
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Book Shopping

Each Friday students will choose their 10 books for the week. Please read them several times and fill out the record sheet then return it the following Friday.

Math Time

Counting Collections

We have bags of items to count. At the moment students are counting the items one by one however, I would like them to discover that it may be easier to count in groups of 5's or 10's. We will continue to to count and wait until their lightbulb comes on!

Daily 15 minutes of Raz Kids and Dreambox

Dot Day

Today was international Dot Day. We read a book by Peter H. Reynolds, watched a video how he made up the story, then made our own dots! The theme of the book is to teach children to make their mark in the world.

Big Buddies

We made our dots together and they are displayed in the Media Center. Stop by and see them!


Mrs. Lugo taught us the rules of the garden. Then we observed caterpillars, bugs, and butterflies.

Spelling Tests

Each Monday we learn our spelling words and each Friday we take the test. Way to go room 4, we did an amazing job today!

Picture Day

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Upcoming Events:

September 18 - Make Up Pictures


Christy Campbell