Fair Trade Cinnamon

By Kaiden

What Is Fair Trade

Fair Trade basically pays the farmers the fair price so they can feed there familys and support them selfs

Fair Trade cinnamon

It is different because it is all organic and gives you more vitamins

Why you should buy fair trade

You should buy fair trade products because its a little more money for that will make a big difference to the farmer.The benefits are they are organic and you can feel good about buying cinnamon or any other fair trade products.


Fair trade cinnamon per pound is 31$

Non fair trade is 7$


the purpose of the store is to sell health organic food grown locally

they sell every thing from coffee to carrots

Where it comes from

Cinnamon - that most popular of spices - comes from the bark of an evergreen tree. In south India

How it gets here

It is shipped on a boat to a local ware house

How it gets to the coop

transferred fro the warehouse in to the coop