ABS Faculty Notes 5.20.16

Count down: 10 days

A huge thanks to Dr. Frederick for ensuring that all testing ran smoothly at ABS!

Congratulations to Mrs. Kelly Remia on graduating from the Richland School District Two T.A.P. Program.

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Exit Celebration Certificates and Pronunciation of Students' Names

Please make certain you have the certificates you need for the 31st of May. Also, make certain you know the pronunciations of each child's name prior to presenting.

Exit Follow-up

Please be advised that students need to have all grades entered no later than Wednesday, May 25th. We will prepare Exit Conference documentation no later than Friday, May 27th, in order to be prepared for the program on May 31st.

As a reminder, Monday, May 30th, is a holiday.

ABS Summer Enrichment Program (Intercession 1)

June 6 - June 30

7:30 - 12:30

A huge thanks is also extended to Ebony Langhorne for her work on the the RSD2 Summer Enrichment Program (Intercession II).

The program will meet at Blythewood Academy from July 18 - August 4.

Mondays - Thursdays

8:30 - 12:30

List Requested Today

Please submit the names of all students who are failing prior to the end of the day. Please make certain you have communicated with parents as well.

Student Preparedness

Please contact the parents of students who are entering your classes without supplies and materials. Please remind students that school ends on June 3rd.

Hall Displays In and Outside the Classroom

Please update your displays with current student work.

USA Test Prep

Please make certain students are working toward their goals.

Kudos to Ms. Haigler and Mrs. Davis

Thank you for going out of your way to prepare breakfast for the faculty and staff. The breakfast casserole was delicious!

Technology Reminder

Make certain you have logged on to PD Express in order to obtain the credit for the work you have completed in the area of technology. Remember to select Mrs. Green's name.