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February 19, 2021

Upcoming Events

  • March 4: Full-Day of Instruction
  • March 5: No School - Teacher Records Day
  • March 18: Early Dismissal @ 1:35pm
  • March 25: Elementary Parent-Teacher Conferences @ 4:30-7:30pm
  • March 29-April 2: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break; Return To School April 5th

A Note from Mrs. Schneider

Dear Woodland Families,

It was wonderful seeing so many smiling faces yesterday and today. I had the opportunity to visit and spend time in most of the classrooms. Students were doing a great job following our new protocols. We appreciate your patience as we find the safest (and quickest) drop off and pick up process. We will be tweaking a few things over the next few days.

  • At drop off, Mr. Daniels will check Clear to Go before you turn into the drop off lane.
  • Once all cars pull up in the lane, students may exit the vehicle. You will not need to show me, Ms. Green, or Mrs. Scrase the Clear to Go again or wait for a teacher to open the car door and give you the okay.
  • We will then ask ALL cars to wait until all students are out and safely away from their vehicles. We will give you a sign.
  • At dismissal, we will be calling students when I see your car tag.
  • Cars must pull all the way forward and then come to a complete stop before we release kids to go to their car.
  • If your child needs to get hooked into a 5 piece harness, you may want to pull around and park. We can walk your child over to you at the end of dismissal.
  • If your child is a bus rider, please make sure they know their bus number and their bus stop location.

If you have not yet filled out the Return to In Seat Parent Agreement, you will find more information here. You can access this agreement in Parent Connect. Once you access it, click on "Return to Learn Agreement", read it and then "sign" it electronically.

For those of you whose students are remaining virtual, I hope your student enjoyed meeting his/her teacher and new classmates. New zoom links were created that are specific to them and I believe all students have been able to access the classes successfully.

Thank you for all of your patience as we all get into the swing of things again.

Enjoy your weekend,

Arryn Schneider

Note Calendar Change - No 1/2 days on March 4th & 5th

On March 4th, we will have our two regular sessions of school (am & pm).

On March 5th, there will be NO SCHOOL for the end of the card marking. There will be NO asynchronous assignments for students.

Clear To Go for Face-To-Face Students

Clear To Go is our COVID screening tool that we will require you to complete and submit daily. Our elementary parents will receive a text message each morning that we have school. You will need to complete the screening daily for each of your elementary students. We ask that you check your child each morning for any of the COVID symptoms prior to completing the screening.

If your child is riding the bus, you will need to show the bus driver the Clear to Go shield image for that date at the bus stop. If you do not go to the bus stop with your child, there are a couple of options:

  1. Print the shield and send it with your child.
  2. If your child has a phone, you can send them the image to share with the driver.

If your child is being dropped off at school, you will be asked to show a staff member the shield prior to your child exiting the car.

New Absence Call In Needs

Please DO NOT send your child to school if:

  • They have had a fever within the last 24 hours
  • They have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

If your child will be late or not attending school, please call the attendance line directly @ 248-537-6910 before 9am. The attendance line is available to call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. On your message, leave your child's name and teacher, your name, and the reason for the absence including symptoms.

  • If your child has 1 High Risk symptom or 2 Low Risk symptoms, we will be recommending a COVID test. If the COVID test is negative or you visit your doctor and get a doctor's note that says the child is sick for another reason, your child may return to school when they are symptom free for 24 hours.
  • If you choose not to get a COVID test or the doctor does not issue a note, students will need to remain at home for the 10 day quarantine.

High Risk--new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell

Low Risk--fever (100.4 or higher), chills, muscle aches, headaches, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea (2 times in 24 hours), nausea or vomiting (2 times in 24 hours), congestion/runny nose

Woodland Bus Stop Schedule

Please find below the Woodland Bus Schedule for the remainder of the year. If you have any questions, please contact Ken Koch or Mary Shank in the Transportation Department at 248-537-6050.
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No Birthday Treats Please!

This is a reminder that we are a NUT-FREE school, as we have several students with a severe allergy to nuts and nut products. This means that all nuts and nut products (peanuts and tree nuts) may not be present in any room at any time including the school day and all before and after school activities/events. This includes items that may contain nut products or are processed on equipment that also processes nuts or nut products. Please remember to read ingredient labels carefully knowing that any exposure to nuts or nut products through contact or ingestion could cause a severe, life-threatening reaction in several of our students. It is also critical to send products to school in their original containers or to clearly label bulk items in baggies as being “safe” so that we know they have been checked at home.

Because of our nut-free policy, any birthday celebrations will only include non-edible treats (i.e., pencils, stickers, trinkets, etc.) to share with the class, or a favorite book to read with the class. Other ideas include donation of: a book for the classroom in honor of the child’s special day, a recess game for indoor recesses, or a piece of playground equipment (various balls or games) for outdoor recesses. If treats are sent to school, we will not be able to serve them in the classroom or send them home with students.

Medication At School

If your student needs medication throughout the school day or in case of emergency, please make sure that your doctor has filled out an updated "Permission Form for Prescribed Medication" form and turn it into the Main Office. All medication must be stored in our clinic. If you are in need of a new form, you can locate it on the school website or you can contact Mrs. Scrase or Mrs. Montano in the Main Office.

Kindergarten 2021-2022 Information

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Student Materials Pick Up

Woodland will be having Student Materials Pick Ups (for Remote Students only) approximately every 2 weeks from 8:30am-3:30pm on the following dates:

Wednesday, March 3rd

Wednesday, March 17th

Please make sure to have your student return any books and/or the clear plastic bags (with their name) so we can use them for the next Materials Pick Up.

Positivity Project (P2) - #Other People Mindset

To access P2 for Families (password: P2), click here.

This week, we focused on Humility. Demonstrating humility means you do not seek the spotlight. You let your actions speak for themselves. Humble people have an accurate (not underestimated) sense of their abilities and achievements. They hold the capacity to acknowledge their mistakes and limitations, and are open to advice and new ideas. They do not show off their possessions or accomplishments. Humility and modesty are often characterized as synonymous with shy or meek. This is false. True humility is a sign of strength; it is a quiet confidence in who you are.

Next week, we will focus on Cheering Others' Success.

Help With Our Yearbook!

We need your help! With the school year starting off remotely (and now continuing remotely), we have no fun photos of our students to include in the 2020-2021 yearbook. We still want to have fun memories of this school year that include our amazing students! It would also be a great way to include pictures of your children if you were not able to attend Picture Day.

Below will be a google link for you to attach pictures of your children. There is a folder for each grade, Leadership, Girl Scouts, and Spirit Week. Please send any photos you have to these various folders. We can’t guarantee that we can use all the photos shared with us, but we will do our best to include as many as we can.

If you’re unable to attach your photo, please feel free to email a copy of the photo to Denise.Scrase@avondaleschools.org with your child's name and which grade or group you would like the picture to be added.

Here is the link to the folders, please place your photo in the proper folder.


Thank you for helping us create memories of this most unexpected school year.

Yearbooks On Sale Now - Order Now!

This has not been a normal school year, but it is definitely one that our students will remember! We will be capturing this time in history for them with our Woodland yearbook. We invite you to order your yearbook online at ybpay.lifetouch.com and use the Yearbook ID Code: 5933221. The deadline to order is April 12th. Don't miss out!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our Woodland Friends! Don't forget to take a picture in front of our electronic sign in front of the school!

February 20: Greta S.

February 25: Dana B.

February 26: Fernando E.

February 27: Jadon D.

February 28: Oliver H.

PTO Corner

Kroger Community Rewards

Do you have a Kroger Plus card? If so, you can link your cad to our school and Kroger will donate a percentage to Woodland! You still get all the great savings and all the fuel points! Link your card online at www.kroger/communityrewards by entering our account number: SQ402 or searching for Woodland PTO.

Oakland Schools - Mark C. Perna

Please join Oakland Schools as bestselling author Mark C. Perna unveils the groundbreaking innovations and strategies for working with today's younger generations on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 from 6-7pm. Please see Zoom information below.
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Helping Our Avondale Community


Chartwells will be distributing breakfasts and lunches for children to ANY family that wishes to receive them every Monday and Wednesday (until schools resumes to in-person instruction). Your children do NOT need to be present, and your children do NOT need to be enrolled in the Avondale School District to receive food. Please pull into the bus loop at Avondale High School or Avondale Middle School from 9am-12pm, or Deerfield Elementary from 6-8 pm, to receive one box per child.

Families wishing to apply for the Avondale Free or Reduced Lunch Program can sign their student(s) up online through the Parent Portal: https://mistar.oakland.k12.mi.us/avondale/parentportal/.
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Blessings In A Backpack Program

Avondale families wishing to enroll their student(s) in our Blessings in a Backpack Program, please fill out the form at this link: https://forms.gle/PdsACS8KPo7tWKtf9.

Blessings in a Backpack provides simple meals at NO COST each week during the school year for families who need assistance. While Avondale Schools is conducting remote learning, meals will be disbursed in conjunction with the Chartwells Food Service Breakfast and Lunch distributions. (Watch for details about distribution dates, times, and locations). Sign up today!

Avondale School District Employment Opportunities

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Staying Connected

Please see the the Woodland Elementary website and the Avondale School District website as resources for valuable information. We also post reminders and information on our Woodland Facebook Page. Please like us to stay connected with Woodland and the community.