Seventh Grade Newsletter

April 19, 2015

Dear Parents,

Here's what's happening at school this week.

School Year Extended

Charlevoix Public Schools went over its allotted six (6) weather cancellation days by one (1) this past winter season. Because of that, the district has to extend its school year by one (1) school day. Thursday, June 4th will be a full day of school. Friday, June 5th and Monday, June 8th will be half days of school for students. Tuesday, June 9th and Wednesday, June 10th will be staff Professional Development days.


This week we will continue practicing for the M-Step test that the students will be taking soon.


With spring in the air we have been studying plants, photosynthesis, seed anatomy, and seed germination. We set up a virtual seed lab and grew hundreds of types of seeds to figure out how water, light and temperature affect seed growth. We then started and are now growing our own seeds! Here is a neat video of a time lapse of a few seeds growing that we watched.

And sunflower growth:

Happy Spring!


Last week, 7th graders worked with measures of center (mean,median,mode, range) and measures of variation(created a box-and-whisker plot). We also practiced our computation skills. I found that the class needs to practice more with their computation. Students who missed class on Friday and students who answered the warm-up incorrectly will need to practice 7th Grade IXL skills G.9 and G.12. I will be taking a score on the results from those sections at the end of the week. On Monday, we will continue working with box-and-whisker plots. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be exploring Absolute Mean Deviation. On Thursday, we will be reviewing our probability unit. On Friday, April 24th, we will be taking our summative assessment for the probability unit. Note: the MSTEP assessment is scheduled for April 28th-30th.

Advanced Math

This week, students will work with both 7th and 8th grade topics. We will continue to work with probability, but we will focus on functions(8th grade) as well. I am planning on a summative assessment over the concepts that we have been working on during the first week in May. Note: the MSTEP assessment for math is scheduled for April 28th-30th.


Mrs. Bamberg would like to thank all the students who worked so hard to make the middle school yearbook an excellent one. Her "dream team" did a great job putting it all together!


Middle School 7th & 8th grade band students will have their final spring concert on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. We will be working around sports schedules to make sure we have our band members available for the concert that evening. If too many conflicts surface, we may move the concert date, but due to scheduling the auditorium in advance, we will try to stay with our original plan of Monday, May 18! It is very important that we get our Band Parent organization together and form an organization that can help the new director make the band program flourish. Any of you that have an interest in helping to form the corp group of the Band Parents, please contact me at 231 675-4800! Thanks, Mr. Stutzman!

Summer Writing Camp

If your student is interested in writing, consider the Spartan Writing Camp North. This is an excellent program for area middle school students.

Sports Calendar

The first track meet will be the League Jamboree at East Jordan on Wednesday, April 22.

Thank you!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.