Eternal Rest Funeral Home

You can rest easy as we help your loved ones rest in peace

Services offered

Complete funeral planning - visitation, service, casket or urn selection, final resting place, headstones, flower or donation arrangements
Services - religious, non-denominational, or military
Tribute Videos - photographs and videos blended with music of your choice
Personalized Printing - memorial or service programs, prayer cards, or other keepsakes
Financing - options are available in case of a hardship

Planning ahead

Nobody likes to think about or make decisions regarding their death while they are still alive. However, pre-planning your funeral can help your loved ones emotionally and financially if they know arrangements have been made. Call or stop in to talk with our staff about pre-planning your funeral so you have the say in how it is arranged.

Facilities and Directions

We are located at 123 North Main, Lansing, MI 49448
Phone: 517-555-1213

Office hours: Monday and Tuesday 7am-5pm
Wednesday and Friday 9am-4pm
Thursday Noon-9pm
Weekends by appointment