Summary of Sing Down the Moon

By Cameron Domingue

Title and Author

The title of my book is "Sing Down the Moon" and it is written by Scott O'Dell


Sing Down the Moon is about a girl named Bright Morning. She lives in a nearby village next to Canyon De Chelly. She is a Navajo Indian. Her mother has this flock of sheep. When Bright Morning gets old enough she will gain all of her mother's sheep. This Story is written by Scott O'Dell.

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Rosita-Comes from the White Mesa and is 12 years old.

Nehana- Before she tried to run away but she got caught, Nez-Perce Girl

Bright Morning- Narrator of story and also 14 years old, a Navajo girl, and is Main Character

Running Bird- Her and Bright Morning are captured together by the Spaniards

White Deer- A friend of Bright Morning's

Tall Boy- Navajo boy who gets shot and can't use his arm also has a crush on Bright Morning

Mando- A friend of Tall Boy's and he goes with him when they go to find out where Bright Morning is.

Little Rainbow- She has 2 Kids and Bright Morning carries one of her kids on her back

Meadow Flower- That is the name Bright Morning gives to Little Rainbow's kid

Magnus-Apache man who tall boy injures

Main Conflict

The Spanish Slavers were always a threat to the Navajo Indians. 12 Year old Running Bird and 14 Year old Bright Morning take there sheep to go to the Pasture. Bright Morning being happy as she always was was sitting looking out on the open valley. Then when Black Dog barked she turned around and saw Spanish Slavers riding toward her. She kicked and fought to get away but the Spanish Slavers caught her and kidnapped her.

Main Plot

  • Bright Morning thinks bout what happened last spring when she left the sheep
  • Bright Morning feels like she betrayed not only her sheep but her family
  • Bright Morning asks her mom if she can take the Sheep out
  • Bright Mornings mom is kind of worried about her and the sheep
  • Bright Morning goes with Running Bird to the Pasture with the sheep
  • Bright Morning and Running Bird talk about how cute Tall Boy is
  • Running bird and Bright Morning try to get away
  • Bright Morning gets captured
  • Bright Mornings Parents are worried
  • Tall Boy is shot in arm and cannot use it
  • Tall Boy goes Looking for Bright Morning
  • Tall Boy injures a man of the Spaniards
  • Bright Morning is saved by Tall Boy
  • Bright Morning and Tall Boy get married
  • They lived Heureux Pour Toujours/ Happily Ever After
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