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18 December 2015

Upcoming Dates

Quarter Ends: December 18
Winter Break: December 29 to January 3
Classes Resume: January 4th

Our Week

Dear Parents,

Wowza! What a week! Field trip, guest speakers, gift making projects, winter party and lots more! In our workjobs this week, we worked to create an pet word dictionary and worked on putting words into ABC order. We wrote sentences to go with our dictionary entries focusing on complete ideas and using appropriate capitalization and punctuation. We made an animal riddle flip book and illustrated the answers. We enjoyed reading the riddles and figuring out what pet we thought was being described.

In Math, we are working on expanding our number sense and understanding of place value and thinking about finding the hundreds, tens, and ones place. We are learning about the differences between these places—a three in the tens place means something much different than a three in the ones place. We are also practicing looking at a number and telling how many tens and ones in it. Following up on this, we have learned a game to play with dice and base ten blocks called Race to One Hundred. It involves rolling for ones, making groups of ten with ones, trading ten ones for one ten and then, ten tens for one one hundred—until the total reaches one hundred. It is a lot of fun, strengthens our number sense, reinforces basic facts and lays the foundation for learning to borrow and carry. You can play this game at home using dimes and pennies and race to one dollar! We're also using base 10 blocks to help us visual numbers and increase our fluidity adding and subtracting mentally. These make for good car games: What is 10 more than 32? What is 30 more than 26? What is 20 less than 82? I’m thinking of a number it has 3 tens, 2 hundreds and 6 ones. What am I? We're practicing telling time to the hour and half hour and quarter hours with the expressions quarter past and quarter to as well as counting money and exchanging coins for equivalences. We started making number scrolls as we explore patterns found in numbers.

Thank you to all who donated to our Furry Friend Drive. We collected a goodly amount of supplies for the animal shelter. We were visited by Miss Leslie and her dog Penny who talked to us about what pets need and how to approach and pet a dog.

We enjoyed our field trip to the Buskirk Chumley for Mary Poppins. Live theater was a new experience for many and it was fun to watch them react to the play. Your children did a great job and we all enjoyed the musical!

Enjoy the break! See you next year!

Laura B.

Miss Leslie and Penny

Thank you for all your donations to our pet drive. Miss Leslie and Penny came and visited with us and picked up our donations.
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Spelling Words

Spelling takes a vacation over winter break!