In-House Position Newsletter

February 2016

Education Specialist

The Learning Environment Standards

As we continue to focus on implementing The Learning Environment Standards in our classrooms, it's important to understand "why" the classroom environment is so important. In order for children to learn, research shows that children need to feel safe and secure. In order to have an effective classroom environment, there are several things to consider. The first item to consider is to provide an environment that meets Developmentally Appropriate Practices. Developmentally Appropriate Practices inform teachers about what we know from theory and literature about how children develop and learn.

3 Core Considerations of DAP

Knowing about child development and learning:

  • Knowing what is typical at each age and stage of early development is crucial. This knowledge, based on research, helps us decide which experiences are best for children’s learning and development.

Knowing what is individually appropriate:
  • What we learn about specific children helps us teach and care for each child as an individual. By continually observing children’s play and interaction with the physical environment and others, we learn about each child’s interests, abilities, and developmental progress.

Knowing what is culturally important:

  • We must make an effort to get to know the children’s families and learn about the values, expectations, and factors that shape their lives at home and in their communities. This background information helps us provide meaningful, relevant, and respectful learning experiences for each child and family.


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butter Yeats

Health, Safety and Licensing Coordinator

In the January In-House newsletter, I began discussing how teachers should prepare for the licensing visit. This month I have a basic check list of items that each classroom should be using at all times. This will keep the focus on the regulations and help teachers stay ready for any licensing/health inspections.

  • Are Daily Schedules are posted?
  • Is a Primary Caregivers list posted (if applicable)?
  • Are Emergency Exits and other state mandated postings up?
  • Are all types of Medication forms complete and current?
  • Is all Medication out of the reach of children?
  • Is Staff following proper diaper changing procedures?
  • Are all Infant bottles labeled in accordance to state guidelines?
  • Are all Infant cribs labeled, spaced and in compliance to state guidelines?
  • Are all Cots spaced in compliance to state guidelines?
  • Is Proper hand washing procedures being followed and signs posted?
  • Is Staff properly sanitizing tables (including diaper) and toys?
  • Do the Water temperatures in classrooms meet the state regulations?
  • Are the Bathrooms neat, clean and no items are stored under the sinks in the bathrooms?
  • Are Teacher cabinets locked and personal items are out of the reach of the children?
  • Are Cleaning supplies in compliance and out of the reach of children?
  • Is In class food prep guidelines being followed?

Rainbow Representative

“February is the month of love! Help drum up excitement for our new Teaching is a Work of Love staff recognition program! As the Rainbow Representative, you are a leader in your building. As you check classrooms and help teachers be sure to let your center management know when you see exemplary work, that way he/she can write a heart and post it on the board. Your work of love board should be prominently displayed in the lobby to recognize staff members and present the high-quality elements of your center to families.

Each month we will continue to provide ideas as well as general tips for connecting with staff and families. We would also love to hear your ideas and see your hard work! Please send ideas and pictures of completed activities to

Staff Connection Idea- “Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning!” Create a “Reasons I Love Teaching” board in the break room. Provide staff with note cards or paper hearts and have them post their reasons on the board. Let the board serve as a reminder of the wonderful parts of working with children. Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and have teachers create their own box or envelope for Valentines. Encourage staff to write each other Valentines that highlight things they love about that person!

Family Connection Idea- Share the love with your families too! Write a Valentine to each family that highlights one reason why you love having their child in class.”