Joshua Wong

Teen Activist

Early Life

Joshua Wong was born October 13, 1996 in Hong Kong, China. His parents are Grace and Roger Wong. Joshua is seen as Hong Kong's political prodigy due to his interest in politics and the education he seeks on patriotism.

"If the government can have a proper meeting with Scholarism to discuss whether political reform will be launched immediately, we will stop the hunger strike."


Joshua Wong began a hunger strike along side his youth activist group, Scholarism. The world has watched Joshua change a normal city of high living into the city of resistance. His goal is to pressure China into giving Hong Kong universal suffrage.

"I know it is really harmful to my body, however it is the only way to give pressure to the government to get a meeting with us."

What is a hero?

A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Some people might consider Joshua as a hero and others might not but in reality Joshua has the qualities of being a hero. Looking beyond the definition of how a hero looks, Joshua Wong stands out as a hero. His ability to stand up and shout out for the hidden voices and problems show and indicate his ability to lead a resistance.