Emily's story


Exploding effervescence

Y.E.S 5th graders of 2012 are so so lucky. Mrs. Bellows the science teacher in 5th grade at Y.E.S. decided that her students would an awesome thing. we got to explode pop!! Have you ever experimented with mentos and diet coke?? Well we got to do all different kinds of thing with mentos and diet coke. I got to a car. you put mentos in a diet coke bottel add some mentos adn tape it to a set of wheels and then you take a stick push the mentos in and you have and exploding car!!

Another chapter

When you get to 5th grade you have got to step up your game. You are the role moddels of all the other kids. That's like 500 other kids you have to be a role moddel for. If you pay attention and do what your supposed to do, you will be an older role moddel. I had a role moddel when i was littel and i still do. I want to go to colledge, get my masters degree and become a nurse just like my mom did.