Fabulous Fifth Grade

September 15, 2014

New Teacher to Fifth Grade

It is with great excitement that we welcome Marcia Lewis to our 5th grade team. Ms. Lewis brings 32 years of teaching experience to Cross Oaks, and has taught in many different roles during that time, including special education, 2nd grade, and 5th grade. She has served the students and community of McNair Elementary here in Denton ISD for the past several years before joining the Cross Oaks family. She is a proud parent and grandparent, and enjoys reading in her spare time.

Ms. Lewis will be teaching language arts and social studies, along with Ms. Anderson. Ms. Rhone and Ms. Bennett will continue teaching math and science to all 5th grade students.

Mrs. Lewis can be reached at mlewis2@dentonisd.org.

Multiplying in Math

The past three weeks we have been learning different multiplication strategies. We broke apart the numbers, we made an equivalent problem and we made and easier problem. By doing this we made solving multiplication problems easier because we were able to use easier numbers. We also learned to represent our problem using an unmarked array. Doing these strategies has helped us to understand the traditional algorithm better. Now that we have practiced the different strategies, students will be expected to master the traditional algorithm as well as one other strategy to use when solving multiplication problems.

Please go to Ms. Rhone's website to view videos of each strategies.


English Language Arts & Social Studies

In English Language Arts, we started the year off going over what it looks like to be a good reader and researcher. We have started testing to see what reading level each student is on, so ask your child about his or her reading level. Currently, we are reading a wonderful book, Out Of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper and covering all of the literary elements of a work of fiction.

Reading as much as possible makes you a better reader! So, in order to keep your students reading we have implemented Reading Counts for all fifth graders. Each student is required to read a total of twenty points in a six week period. Books that the students choose from the library are given a certain number of points, You can find the point value and reading level on the first few pages of the book that your student brings home. The only exception is the first and second six weeks. Your student will need to read twenty points by the end of the second six weeks. Once your student finishes their reading counts book they will need to take a short comprehension test on the computer at school. If they pass the test they will receive all their points. We are also coming up with incentives to encourage students to read over and beyond their twenty points so be on the look out for those exciting opportunities.

In social studies, we are learning about American History. Our focus has been on US geography and we will start learning about the first people to live in North America. Our goal is to make history come alive so ask your student what fun things they are learning.


We have been learning about earth science. We are focusing on the formation and conservation of fossil fuels, as well as talking about the different types of rocks, specifically sedimentary rocks. In the next few weeks will start our study of the earth's land forms and how they were formed.


We will be having conferences the week of October 6 - 10 with your child's homeroom teacher. We will be sending home new conference sign up sheets so that we can spend a longer time conferencing with each parent. The time may change from what some of you signed up for at meet the teacher. Please look for this information stapled in your child's planner.

Spirit Day

October 10, 2014 will be spirit day for Cross Oaks Elementary at Panda Express at 12244 FM 423 Space 100 Frisco, TX 75034 ! Twenty percent of your bill will go to support our school so be sure to mention us when you order your yummy food!