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Journal 10- Heading South

Monitoring- Dictionary Meanings

Success Criteria

I know I am successful when I can use the knowledge of the topic to work out the meaning of words.

Level 1:

  • catapult
  • shear
  • embarrass
  • skim

Level 2:

Can you find 5 synonyms for all the words above.

Making Connections: Double Entry Journal

Success Criteria

I know I am successful when I can make connections between my knowledge and experience and the text.

Level 1: Complete a Double Entry Journal.

How did you connect?

text to self, text to text, text to world


Learning success.

I know I am successful when I can understand what the author meant.

Level 1:

1. Look at the picture of Luke shearing a sheep. Why do you think Billy and Grace are outside looking in?

2. When the family went fishing, what words did the author say at the beginning of the sentence to let us know time had past?

Level 2:

3. Re-read these 2 pages of the story and list all the things that mum did. Pretend you are Grace and write a sentence to describe mum's personality. Make sure you explain your answer.

Here is an example:

Luke: tough, strong

I believe Luke is tough and strong because it was his first time shearing and he had to hold down a sheep and keep it still while using the shears.

Sentence about mum

I believe.....


Success Criteria

I know I am successful when I can find information from different parts of the text to help my understanding.

Author Alison Lester uses many ways to help you make a picture in your mind as you are reading.

ADJECTIVES- are a way to describe how someone or something feels.

e.g. Mum and I loved the market at Mindil Beach.

VERBS- describe an action of a noun and it tells us how someone or something moved or talked. e.g. Giant butterflies landed on Mum's blue t-shirt.

How many can you find?

Level 1:

1. Write down all the adjectives you can find that describe feelings:

2. Write down all the verbs you can find that describe an action:

Level 2:

Use these words to create a crossword puzzle:

Go to the bottom of the page for a link

Summarise and Predict

Success Criteria

I know I am successful when I can locate the main ideas in the text and give an accurate retell of the story including making predictions.

Level 1

Create a postcard from the perspective of either Grace, Luke or Billy.

Include these three things:

  1. a summary of what you have done.
  2. a description of how you felt about something that you have done.
  3. a prediction of what the family may do next.

Also include:

  • direct speech with speech marks
  • include a simile if you can
  • a variety of punctuation like ? and ! and " "
  • edit you work using CUPSS-
  1. Capital letters - did I use capital letters in the correct place?
  2. Understanding- does it make sense?
  3. Punctuation- have I used a variety of punctuation?
  4. Sentence- have I used a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences?
  5. Spelling- have I checked my spelling?

Level 2:

Write an extended postcard using more than one postcard sheet.