Hats and Scarves Help Others

By Genna Schofield, 5S

My Mission

There are a lot of people that need hats and scarves, because they are sick and lose their hair and other people are homeless and live outside in cold temperatures. I decided to make hats and scarves for the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia to help families with sick children.

My Plan

To start my project, I emailed Jenny Casey at the Ronald McDonald House. She said they would be happy to accept the donations. Next, I got the materials I needed like yarn and fabric. I did ask Joann Fabrics for a donation, but they only donate to large projects through their head corporation. I also got a lot of leftover fabric from my grandmother. Next, I started knitting hats and sewing scarves. My goal is make and donate at least 15 hats and 15 scarves to the Ronald McDonald House.

"It's something I'm supposed to do. So I do it."

- by Camille Scott from Warm Hands, Warm Hearts ministry