How is it use

WWI “Portable Trench Apparatus”,* also known as the Flame Projector or Flame Thrower. This photo presents several points of interest: 1) the two sprays point in opposite directions, meaning that the entire wand must be placed in or above the trench, 2) there is no pressure bottle visible, 3) the wand and hose are too small for adequate discharge, 4) The tanks are overly large and probably very heavy when full, and 5) the hoses discharge on the left side and in front of the operator, making it impossible to crawl and hard to walk. Photo AMCCOM Historical Office, American University.
Early Flame Thrower Footage (1941)

Break down why it was successful


Hes a break down on how the flamethrower is used its heated up from a tank and once the flames finally goes out onto the to tubes it lets out a long distance flame if someone was to shoot and hit the tank it would explode
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The flameThrower was very successful example how i got that is the germans were using it againist what ever came their way it was mostly shoot out 25 cem's away they also faught againist the britsh that lost 31 men and 751 tanks