Edunation Newsletter

Version Q3.2015


Send students, teachers and administrators SMS notifications or a personal SMS through our new comprehensive SMS messaging system.

Help all stake holders be more updated and connected.

- Send parents notification when their children are absent or late.

- New grade notifications for parents.

- Tasks and exams notifications

And many additional notifications and alerts.

Move to next year

Moving to the next school year is usually a long process.

But now with Edunation it has become an easier and more streamlined process.

The move to next year wizard is made to help you transfer to the next year smoothly while including users, groups and courses. Simple, short and intuitive.

Lesson Summaries

Lesson summary can be generated from general reports.

This includes absence, lesson details, tasks, exams and educational materials.

Messaging System

We at Edunation have enhanced the experience of Messaging within the system, Now you can send direct messages to groups or individuals (parents, students, Teachers) , without having an email account, all through the new simple and smart messaging tools we now provide.

Registration System

Registration is a very important module for schools and universities alike. The registration process will make student registration a much more easier and simpler task for schools, and accessible by students and parents.

Parents now can register their students online, attach the needed documents, fill the demographic details, Transportation, medical information and much more.

The registration module allow schools to manage their leads and assign entrance exams or interviews for students.

*If you wish to add this module, please contact our sales department.

Fees and Payments Management

Parents can now pay their Fees with their Edunation account.

Schools now have access to the management of payments, Fees, Discounts, Fees To Groups and much more.

Parents can also pay for their children's registration fees, School activities etc; through credit card as well as other methods.

*If you wish to add this module, please contact our sales department.

Lesson Scheduling

The new comprehensive scheduling system is much easier to configure with the use of the latest enhancements we have added.

Teachers can add or update lessons to their time table;

School Management can replace lessons for a class.

The system will also show you available and unavailable teachers for each slot, All this and many more new features.

Intelligent Business Reporting System

Here at Edunation we believe that school data can reach vast sizes, Administrators need Real time data to better assist their decisions on a global and day to day basis.

To accommodate for this we have engineered the BI reporting system to collect all school data in real time, and produce various reports and charts, that can provide real and useful data which results in a meaningful advantage for school administrators.

It is a unique and powerful module that will support Schools' Administrators and improve their schools' performance and future decisions.

*if you wish to add this module, please contact our sales department.

International Baccalaureate

We are delighted to announce that we now support the IB curriculum.

Including PYP, MYP , DP, Standardized Lesson plans and unit plans.

We have made this process efficient, easy and monitored.

*If you wish to add this module, please contact our sales department.

Mobile App

Now you can access your profile and data by using any device, laptop , desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Download the application from Google Play store or App Store.

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