Weekly Update

December 4, 2015

Important Dates

Dec. 7 CMS Guidance will be here to talk about middle school electives

Dec. 9: Picture Make-Ups (bring original package if you want retakes)

Dec. 14 CMS field trip: Winter Concert

Dec. 16 DARE Essay due

December Already?

We are really into our latest book, Malcolm at Midnight! See if your kiddo can give look at the cover of the book below and explain how the plot relates to the cover. Our time to read this book is a very important part of our reading instruction. We have discovered excellent vocabulary and are applying reading strategies to the text. Non-fiction reading this week included TFK and a cover article about the 2016 presidential election. The kids were very impressed by the $400,000 annual salary! Students continue to have the always-loved time to RTS (read to self) during the morning...I put up the graphic showing about the importance of reading 20 minutes each night and heard some wonderful comments:
  • "I read more than that!"
  • "I've got this!"
  • "Huh. That's only 20 minutes. We read in class and at home- we beat this!"
KidBlog continues to go be an important part of our 21st Century communication! I have been asking the kids to really pay attention to their keyboarding and grammar rules when they are blogging; that this is an opportunity to show they know and use proper grammar and punctuation. (Hopefully, this update is free of mistakes - I've checked!) So, I threw them a curve ball and wrote a comment that was not what they would expect from me...they quickly pointed out my mistakes! Grammar skills this week focused on rules for commas; we made sure to identify comma usage in Malcolm at Midnight.

We are currently working on a writing project about living or being stuck in a "snow" globe. I write "snow" because you have to be open-minded when dealing with a class of creative kids! (Does it have to be a snow globe? What about, space? ocean?) My winter writing activity is taking a turn...

Puffy Projects have been shared and reports have been read! We learned many interesting facts about a variety of ocean creatures. We hope to have some younger dolphins join us next week for a quick "aquarium" tour. Our next science unit will find us learning about light and we will dabble in a bit of geography!


Rose: patterns, variable and open expressions = Discovering Algebra!

Jones: converting between fractions and decimals


Please help us win the Michael and Son's jingle contest by voting for Cool Spring Elementary. Click on the link below, select Richmond region and vote for us.


Thank you to Amanda Kronenberg, Mr. Peterman and the 4th/5th grade chorus group for putting this together! We have a 1 in 7 chance of winning! You can vote once per IP Address, so vote at home, at your work location, or anywhere you log online! Please forward to your friends, family members, co-workers, and random people you don't know! Voting ends December 15! Thank you for your support! *Feel free to send this far and wide!

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