jackson is not a hero, but a zero

by: melina arellano, period 7

jacksons spoil system

in 1828 Andrew Jackson rewarded political supporters by giving them government jobs even though they knew nothing about politics. but most of the people he fired he replaced them for his friend or friend that he knew from his early age and he felt like the election from 1824 had been stolen from him.

Jacksonian Democracy

After the "Corrupt Bargain", Jackson influenced and helped separate the government into the Democratic and Republican parties. The Democrats came from along the Jackson supporters, while the National Republicans grew out of Adams camp. This makes him a "Zero" because he separated the country into two parties.

the sad trail of tears

The Seprme court case of Worcester vs.Georgia was ignored by andrew jackson because for him it was not that important. Because of Jacksons terrible Indian removal act, the Cherokee Nation had to move from their territory and they were promised a new and better land. The Cherokee died along the trail they took from Georgia to Oklahoma. Many died due to lack of clothes , food and from natural causes. so sorry for the ones that dies.
History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester