How to complete the 1040ez Tax Form

Instructions on how to do it.

How to do it

  1. report(input) your income
  2. right down in line 2 what your taxable interest is and if it is higher than 1,500 you cannot use this form
  3. Find your gross income by adding lines 1,2,3
  4. line 5 is if someone can claim you (or spouse if marries filing jointly
  5. line 6 is basically to find your taxable income which you can get from subtracting line 5 with line 4 . If line 5 is larger than line 4 which is your gross income then enter 0.
  6. line 7 would be the federal income tax withheld from Form(s) W-2 and 1099
  7. line 8a would be the earned income credit
  8. line 9 would be adding line 7 and 8a to find the total payments and credits.
  9. line ten is used to find tax. to find this are there specific instructions on how to find the number.
  10. line 11 would be the health care, individual responsibility
  11. line 12 would be found adding lines 10 and 11 and that would find your total tax.
  12. line 13a would be used to find if you can refund money or to see if you owe money. you would have to subtract if line 9 is larger than 12 and that would be your refund
  13. then finally line 14 would be used if line 12 is larger than line 9. You would have to subtract them to see the amount of money you owe.

Due April 15th

To get this form you print it out! So get one and don't forget to fill it out!

Some examples.

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Frequently asked Question

To get the answer to line 5 you will have to complete the small worksheet in the back of the form to figure the amount to enter on line 5 id someone can claim you (or your spouse if married filing jointly) as a dependent, even if that person chooses not to do so.

  1. you would have to add the amount of line 1 +350 then enter the total
  2. find the minimum standard deduction by subtracting
  3. enter the larger of line A or line B on the next line
  4. maximum standard deduction. If single enter $6,300; if married filing jointly enter $12,600
  5. depending if you are single or married the steps will vary but it is very important to follow the rest of the directions to find the answer to line 5.