American Lit and Comp AB

Summer Semester 2015

Grades Have Been Updated

Grades have been updated (and are updated daily), and progress reports are going out today. Be sure to check your grades and feedback carefully. Make sure you stay on track. If you have any questions, please email me or drop by during virtual office hours.

Missing Assignments

Are you missing assignments? Remember, the items listed in bold on the course calendar are due by midnight on the day they are listed. To avoid late penalties, get on track and stay on track. Prioritize your work; make sure you get major assignments completed on time so that you will not lose points.

Sometimes students can feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required in summer school. The summer session is intense, but it is doable if you organize yourself and make classwork a priority.

Tips for Success on Unit Tests

You may have one or more unit tests this week, depending on which schedule you are following. Tests are a major portion of your grade, and you want to do well on them. To do your best, follow these tips:

  • Read the unit carefully, taking good notes (I like to print out the content, and then I write notes in the margins).
  • Do all the self-check quizzes and review activities (the same questions often show up on the tests).
  • Allow plenty of time for the test; make sure you won't be interrupted.
  • Double-check your answers; take your time to be sure.

Good test scores are achievable if you study well and effectively!

Virtual Office Hour Thursday at 10:00 AM

If you have questions or need help, drop by during the virtual office hour on Thursday at 10:00 AM. Use the link on the right side of the course homepage. Also, if you want to know more about analytical writing or clauses, access the live chat recordings.

A Word about Discussions...

Discussion Boards are the lifeblood of an online course. It is the place where we exchange ideas and interact. It is important that you make the discussion forum a priority. Respond to others with something more than "I agree" or "good job." Ask questions. If someone asks you a question in the forum (including your instructor!), answer the questions. Would you ignore someone who spoke to you in class? Not answering questions on the discussion forum is no different; as a matter of fact, it is rude to not respond.

Also, students who wait until the last minute to post not only cannot earn a good grade on discussions; they significantly limit the learning that can come out of interactions in the discussion board. If you want more information about what constitutes a good contribution to the discussion, check out the slide below or view the recording of the synchronous session on discussions.
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No Extensions for Vacations

As you know from the student handbook and from the welcome session, there are no extensions for vacation. If you are going out of town, be sure that you have internet access wherever you are going so that you can continue your coursework. Alternately, you may work ahead and submit assignments beforehand. Let me know if you have any questions.
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