How to Escape Medusa

By Luis Ferrer

Can You Escape Medusa

If you run into Medusa do you know how to escape her? Medusa can turned anything to stone. So if you don't know how to escape Medusa then here are some steps of how to.

Medusa's Background

Medusa was cursed by Athena because they thought that she was more beautiful than Athena. So Athena cursed her by having snake hear and any person Medusa sees she turns them into stone. So how do you escape Medusa?

Steps of How to Escape Medusa/Turned into stone

Step 1. Don't Look at her eyes or she will turned you into stone

Step 2. Run away without looking at her.

Step 3. You anything you have as a reflections so you can see where she is.

Step 4. You get away

Step 5. You Live and not get turned into stone


Medusa is a Ugly creature. She can turned any person to stone. You can get away if you follow all this steps and not get turned into stone.

Strength/ Weakness

The strengths about Medusa is that she can turned anybody into stone. The weakness of her is that if they close there eyes she cant turned them into stone.
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