You bored? Then read! You still Bored? Then read more!!

Battle of the Books!

Join battle of the books, where you can all focus our minds on stories you never heard before. Tune in to all types of stories! Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Life, Humour, and more! This is the time to use up all your imaginations!!

So hurry and pick a book and get reading!

How it could help you

Books can help you improve your knowledge of imagination and creativity. It helps you understand the importance of reading a book, and why we need it in our lives. It will also help you with your vocabulary and structure writing; and soon enough, you will be will be able to start writing your own stories!

It will be really good for people who doesn't have much time to read in their spare times. It can give you some time to cool down and relax. Having a quiet time just for once! Some people might think its not worth it, but trust me, it is.

Who to contact

For those who would like to join, please contact the librarian at DC.

Thank you.