The Death Cure

by James Dashner

"The book is for my mom the best human to ever live"


This book is about a group of teens led by Thomas who lives in a controlled society called Wicked. Thomas and his friends are called Gladers. Gladers have mind chips in their brain and have lost their memories. Thomas is being released from isolation by Director Janson aka known as the "rat man" who tells Thomas and his friends that their memories can be restored by removing the chip. Thomas realizes he can help cure a deadly disease called the flare. Janson tells another group called Group B and the Gladers that there is a cure for the flare. People that were present during the announcement were immune to the flare while some people are not.Thomas has four friends. Two of them,Teresa and Aris can telepathically communicate with Thomas by using the mind chip in their brain. All four of Thomas's friends met while going through the maze, their first trial from wicked Thomas does not think wicked can be trusted, because they have stolen his memories. So, Newt, Minho and Thomas plan to bust out of wicked with two other friends.

"As we tried to install in each of our subjects over and over Wicked is good"


I chose this book because the front cover of the book looked like it had a lot of action in it and adventurous. My favorite part of the book was when Minho and the others were being kidnapped by these guards that were being paid to kidnap immunes. While they were kidnapping the young adults, Minho was trying to get one of them to talk and when the guards refused to speak Minho became very impatient and furious. In my opinion, the book is action packed, full of funny humorous lines and it makes me feel like I am in the book. Some reasons why I liked the book were it reminded me of the Hunger Games when people were fighting to stay alive, making friends, and enemies becoming your friend and there were parts in the book that made me want to laugh. And my dislikes was in the beginning of the book the first chapter did not explain very well on what was going on and I was getting a little lost. Overall, I would rate this book a 5/5 stars because it was kind of heart warming and full of action and it also taught me not to judge people until you find out who they really are. It would be recommended for my friend Miyah because she reads books that has a lot of teen drama, romance, and action.
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