Middle School Tech

August 2016

How do you say that?? Use Pain In The English to Proofread Documents


The word "mouse" refers to a creepy rodent or to a computer device.

When referring to multiple creepy things, we use the word "mice."

But what do you say when referring to multiple devices for a computer?

Read this Pain in the English explanation of these terms.

Internet and Technology: Using technology in all subjects

Not always about tech! A lesson in following directions.


Try this quick quiz to encourage students to listen to and follow all directions.

Back to School: Tech guide for students (and adults) heading back to school!


Fabulous tech guide for EVERYTHING back to school!

Best headphones, best laptops, best tablets, best gadgets under $50, best tech gifts under $100, and cheap, high tech, practical cars!

Tech Talk: Back to School Tech Gadgets

My students are bored!


Get them moving, get them talking, get them thinking!

Here are some ways to combat boredom in the classroom.

UDL Checklist


Here is a quick UDL checklist

Great UDL check sheet of quick things to do in your classroom to help students learn.

UDL on Pinterest


Amazing resources for UDL strategies.