This is going to be a great season. I will send out this newsletter/flyer approximately every three months to keep everyone in the club up-to-date on what is happening with the club and if there are any changes to the memberships. We will have a section for upcoming races and race reports in this newsletter. Please take group photos on race day and forward them to me to post with the race reports. I will also update on a regular basis on local races and workout sessions.

We have several new members this season and to get to know each other better I would like to introduce a new column "Why I Run" where new and current members can share their motivation for running with the club. In the current flyer new member Susanne Lang is sharing her story. Please contact me if you are interested to share your passion for running in the next newsletter.

I'm looking forward to see you all at the next Club Meeting!

Terrence Coleman



Due to a general increase in race fees we are considering raising the membership fee for both the 5K and Half Marathon membership levels. The 5K membership cost will go up to $50 per season. The Half Marathon membership cost will go up to $75. These changes are necessary to keep the running club a great resource for all runners. The new fees will take effect for the next Spring Season in 2016.

Next Club Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 6th 2015 at 12pm

Pfizer CB4 2201 (VC HD)


Scripps Ranch Old Pro's 10K

The Pfizer Running Club had good representation at the last race of the last Season, the Scripps Ranch Old Pro's 4th of July 10K Race. The weather conditions were perfect and runner's heaven and one or the other may have finished in new PR time.

10K Runners: Bob Hoffman, Dave Martinez, Gina Yanochko, Jackie Salas, Jacqui Hoffman, Jean Matthews, Marianne Martinic, Martha Ornelas, Mehran Jalaie, Rolla Yafawi, Sabine Schefzick, Samantha Greasley, Sangita Baxi, Sapna Vijayakumar, Shuyan Lu, Simon Bailey, Susanne Lang, Yang Cheng.

AFC - America's Finest City

We started off the Fall season with a hot, but fun race, the 38th America's Finest City 5K and Half Marathon. Thousands of people traveled from across the world to run San Diego's race from the historic Cabrillo National Monument to Balboa Park. San Diego has been exceptionally hot in the past weeks and mother nature did not give any of the runners a break with the heat. Temperatures reached the mid 80's by the time the Half Marathon finished. We had a few new runners for the 5K and the Half Marathon. Good job everyone!

5K Runners: Joanalyn Bartolome, Keith Abayasiriwardana, Margaret Jaurigue, Paul Rejto, Simon Bailey. Half Marathon Runners: Ana Ruiz, Andrew Chang, Dave Martinez, Jean Matthews, Kevin Matchett, Michelle Lee, Pearl Amos, Sapna Vijayakumar, Shinji Yamazaki, Shuyan Lu.

Stairway to Heaven 15K

On the same day as the AFC, some other members participated in the Stairway to Heaven 15K, one of Dirt Devil's Trail Race Series. Located in Mission Trails Regional Park, this race with it's difficult, hilly and technical course is one of the most challenging and rewarding trail runs in San Diego. Factor in the heat of one of the hottest days in August it can turn into a brutal race. Kudos to our runners who mastered this race.

15K Runners: Gary Gallego, Rebecca Murphy and Susanne Lang.

Why I Run

by Susanne Lang

Some people have been a runner all of their life, but not me. I did not grow up in a jogging-loving family and therefore have never really “run”. My childhood gymnastics coach made us participate in local track and field competitions for general fitness and my running was limited to the sprint, a few 800m and a once a year timed 2K run for the German sports badge which I dreaded year after year. How funny that seems now running easily mile after mile. It was not before I turned 29 that I turned into a runner for the first time in my life. I was in a new town (Heidelberg) with new friends who to my surprise turned out to be either training for a marathon or have done so in the past. Motivated by them, I signed up for a couple of 10k’s. Running up the highest mountain in the area was considered standard training (1400ft elevation gain) and being competitive, I was intrigued to try it for myself. I didn’t manage it right away but eventually made it to the top in one go which was such an exhilarating experience! I got totally hooked and it became my standard running trail for months to follow, a lovely dirt and gravel trail over hill and dale, embedded in forest trees and behind a castle silhouette. Although close to downtown you would only hear the sounds of birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind. It was the best feeling to reach the top and running down again like flying in wings. I probably wouldn’t have stopped running if I’d kept living there, but not too much later I moved to Minnesota and running appeared very boring to me there and not having any motivation I quit and pursued other things.

I didn’t develop any real running motivation any more until recently, a full 12 years later. My turning point was joining the ZLAC Rowing Club at Mission Bay a year ago where I met like-minded and seriously fit women athletes. Inspired by fellow rowers and our awesome coach and ex-Olympian coxswain my competitiveness was spurred and my goal became to be among the most fit rowers in the club - not the best as it will take time to make up for missing technical experience. So I joined the gym and started training, I had to catch up a lot! On a side note you might be interested to know that our coach’s daughter is the girl who ran barefoot across America in 2012.

I don’t know if it was because everyone around me were suddenly runners again, or because running is great aerobic cross-training, but one day in January I thought it would be fun to run the Hot Chocolate 15K, being unaware that much of the course is uphill. I probably would have bailed if I would not have found a running partner in crime to push me through (thank you Jamie!) and so we signed up for the 15K and I had to go for my first run in San Diego. It was February 8 and I still remember it very well, I started with an easy jog and already 30sec later my legs did not want to jog any more and would have stopped, but with the race coming up I had no choice but to keep jogging and a couple minutes later I noticed it wasn’t so bad afterall and I actually started to enjoy it. I ran 4 miles and was pretty sore the following day, but it felt great. I enjoyed the race immensely and have been addicted to running ever since.

I love the rhythmic, almost meditation-like feeling when I run. The running environment is still very important to me, I love to run outdoors in nature, and I love to run trails and hills. Ultimately I have one goal in mind and it’s the same I’d wish for 12 years ago: to run a sub 50 10K. I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen, but I am glad to be part of this running club now as all the races keep me motivated to keep training and stay fit and healthy. I’ve had my share of sport activities but it blew my mind when I started running this year and noticed what additional impact it made on my already not so bad fitness from before. Keep on running!


Aloha Run 5K

Sunday, Sep. 13th 2015 at 7:30am

1740 East Mission Bay Drive

San Diego, CA

Race Coordinator: Rachel Torrealba

Registered Runners: Ana Ruiz, Brenda Gibson, Dave Martinez, Jackie Salas, Jamie Rowe, Jean Matthews, Joanalyn Bartolome, Keith Abayasiriwardana, Margaret Jaurigue, Phuong Le, Rachel Torrealba, Sangita Baxi, Shinji Yamazaki, Shuyan Lu, Simon Bailey, Susanne Lang.

Surfing Madonna 5K and 10K

Saturday, Oct. 24th 2015 at 12:30pm

Moonlight State Beach, Encinitas, CA, United States

Encinitas, CA

Race Coordinator: Terrence Coleman

Registered Runners for 5K: Gary Gallego, Joanalyn Bartolome, Mehran Jalaie, Paul Rejto, Phuong Le, Rebecca Murphy, Sabine Schefzick, Sangita Baxi, Simon Bailey.

Registered Runners for 10K: Ana Ruiz, Jamie Rowe, Yang Cheng.

Silver Strand Half Marathon

Sunday, Nov. 15th 2015 at 7am

101 Ocean Boulevard

Coronado, CA

Race Coordinator: Jamie Rowe

Registered Runners: Ana Ruiz, Jamie Rowe, Joanalyn Bartolome, Yang Cheng.

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon

Sunday, Dec. 27th 2015 at 7:30am

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego, CA, United States


Race Coordinator: Michelle Lee

Registered Runners: Martha Ornelas, Michelle Lee, Sapna Vijayakumar, Simon Bailey, Yang Cheng.

Carlsbad Half Marathon

Sunday, Jan. 17th, 7:45am

Westfield Carlsbad, Carlsbad, CA, United States

Carlsbad, CA

Race Coordinator: Yang Cheng

Registered Runners: Andrew Chang, Jean Matthews, Margaret Jaurigue, Marianne Martinic, Michelle Lee, Sabine Schefzick, Shinji Yamazaki, Susanne Lang, Yang Cheng.

Pfizer La Jolla Running Club

President: Terrence Coleman

Secretary: Susanne Lang

Treasurer: David Martinez

Board: Michelle Lee, Wes Scott, Sam Greasley