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Benjamin Edward Meare Stiller beter known as Ben Stiller was born November 30,1965 in New York city, in NY.He grow up watching his parents in TV Jerry Stiller and Anne Meare a couple of comedians his parents inpire him to persuade an acting carrer the family celebrates both Judaism and Irish Catnolism and Christmas and Hanukkah.His Dad is an Australian Jewish, and his mom Irish ancestry.He' Sister Amy Stiller the only one.HI's spouse Cristine Taylor sons Ella Olivia Stiller and QuinlinDempsey Stiller.
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Career and other

He made his acting debut at age 10 in aguest role in hi's mother's show Kate McShane he later acted in plays and wrote mockumentaries.He started in Reality Bites and The Farrely Brothersthis turn his carrer around.This classic generated $369 000,000 at the box office.His role as a male as Nursey Gaylord Focker in Meet the parents opposite Robert de Niro Grossed more than $330 million worldwide.Meet the Fockers and little Fockers made more than $516.6million and and 310 million worldwide HE GETS RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Stiller Awards

Ben Stiller the comedian has been nominated 12 Xs in TEEN CHOICE AWARDS,and won in choice Hissy fit. 1998 -MTV movie award for the best one the fight,in 2000 award for the funniest guy in the in the TV show and for comedian performance and more.

LIFE and legacy

Ben Stiller ment many persons in he's career such as Jeanne Tripplehorn, Amanda Peet and others. He's wife sister and sons have been working in movies like him.In Reality Bites ,Zoolander ,Dodgeball ,A true underdog story tropic Tunder etc.


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Nationality:American Famous American men


Born on:30 November 1965 A.d.

Zadiac sign:Sagittarius

Father:Jerry Stiller

Mother:Anne Meara

Sister:Amy Stiller

Spouse:Cristine Taylor

Children:Ella Olivia Stiller, Quinlin Dempsey Stiller

Education:The Cathdral School of St.John the Divine,Calhoun School,University of California,Los Angeles


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