Egypt social hierarchy

the Egypt hierarchy

  1. Pharaoh was ruler over all Egypt
  2. Nobles/priest helped the king and worked in the temple
  3. scribes/craftsmen wrote the important things given by the king
  4. farmers/servent/slaves wher the least important people the farmed and served the king by doing his deeds
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physical geography

the Nile river was a inportent to the Egyptians the Nile provided protection from enemies the Nile has cataracts(rapids) the deserts was also a good protection the eastern and western deserts where large and hot who'd want to hall a large army across the deserts the Nile floods amde silt

Rosetta stone

the Rosetta stone was discovered by the British they could only read the Greek there was two other languages they sent the massive stone to Paris they could not read it also. then a french man found out that each picture meant a letter or word. the stone is now in a museum.this large stone is inportent to us it tells us about writing from ancient civilizations
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Pharaohs of ancient Egypt

  • king Tutankhamen is not known for anything good he is famous for his treasures
  • king Hatsheput was female pharaoh when her husband died she took over she even dressed like one when she died her step son took over
  • king Ramses ll he built large things he as trained as a general at a young age
  • josher he lived in a large palaces some think he had extra rooms
  • snuffer he was building a pyramid and it caved in giving it odd shape


the religion of Egypt was gods. the Egyptians believed in meany gods. they worshiped in temples they believed that you had to pray to them every day and give offerings
Mesopotamia to Egypt

less gods both had rivers more gods

smaller amount

of people

grater amount

of people smaller amount of

land to farm

larger amount

of land