Cat Cleanse

No hands litter box cleaning!

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What Is It?

Cat cleanse is a litter box cleaning device that makes cleaning a litter box easier. It helps with making the litter box more sanitary, and keeps you from dealing with the unpleasantness of cleaning a litter box. Your litter box will be clean in just 5 minutes. The price for this cleaning device is only $15! It is not only affordable but also can be reused many times. (Scents are not provide and must be purchased separately.) Get your Cat Cleanse today! Not only will your cat be happy but so will you.

How It Works

  1. Empty box of all cat litter
  2. Fill with warm water
  3. Place Cat Cleanse into the water
  4. Once the Cat Cleanser has stopped moving removed it from the box
  5. Rise out Cat Cleanser so it will be ready for the next time
  6. Rise out cat box with warm water
  7. and VOILA! It is clean!
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What's On The Inside? (Picture Above)

Inside holds three compartments. A place for soap (yellow), water (blue) and scent (purple). Before each use twist the Cat Cleans open and fill each compartment. When done twist back closed and you are are ready to go! (Scents are not provide and must be purchased separately.)