Kitchen Safety: Electrical Shock

Hannah Petroll

Keep electrical appliances away from water!

  • keep cords away from water & hot objects
  • make sure hands and surrounding areas are dry
  • do not put appliances in water unless labeled "immersible"

Water is a very good conductor of electricity, so if electrical appliances or cords become wet, there is a risk of electrocution.

Cords & Plugs/Outlets

  • never use an appliance with a frayed cord

  • don't plug multiple cords into one outlet at once

  • unplug cords by pulling on the plug itself, not the cord

  • unplug portable appliances after use, always plug cords into the appliance first before the outlet

  • make sure cords are disconnected from appliances before cleaning them

  • appliances should be unplugged if using other metal objects

Always use caution when using outlets; contact with any wire or outlet could result in electric shock. Having too many cords in one outlet is very dangerous. Also, metal, like water, is a very good conductor of electricity.


Always read appliance booklets to ensure proper use and safety.
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